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These are the days of the open hand
They will not be the last
Look around now
These are the days of the beggars and the choosers

This is the year of the hungry man
Whose place is in the past
Hand in hand with ignorance
And legitimate excuses

The rich declare themselves poor
And most of us are not sure
If we have too much
But we'll take our chances
'Cause God's stopped keeping score
I guess somewhere along the way
He must have let us all out to play
Turned his back and all God's children
Crept out the back door

And it's hard to love, there's so much to hate
Hanging on to hope
When there is no hope to speak of
And the wounded skies above say it's much, much too late
Well maybe we should all be praying for time

These are the days of the empty hand
Oh you hold on to what you can
And charity is a coat you wear twice a year

This is the year of the guilty man
Your television takes a stand
And you find that what was over there is over here

So you scream from behind your door
Say what's mine is mine and not yours
I may have too much but I'll take my chances
'Cause God's stopped keeping score
And you cling to the things they sold you
Did you cover your eyes when they told you
That he can't come back
'Cause he has no children to come back for

It's hard to love there's so much to hate
Hanging on to hope when there is no hope to speak of
And the wounded skies above say it's much too late
So maybe we should all be praying for time
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Praying for time ASL | Reviewer: jasmine | 5/22/12

I sign this song Praying for time in ASL way. I've done it my sign language way for this song. Smiling.... I love this song a lot and I sign that song almost good but I tend it to get any mistakes of my signing. I like the 2nd verse part of the song when I sign "'Say is mine its mine is mine not yours'' with expression sign I did. my sign language to this song is not an easy song to sign language for. I started signing this song since i hear it. Love this hit song thanks Smiling..

Who is the Judge...? | Reviewer: Michael Kameka | 12/26/11

Are you people out of your minds? Just WHO do you think you are, to judge another for whom they love, regardless of their gender? Those of you who claim to follow HIM and HIS are the same who condemn this man, George Michael, and to say that you have "lost respect" for him, due to his sexual preference...just who are you to judge another? You all sound like hipocrites, professing to know the word of GOD...if that was so, then you would surely know that there is only one JUDGE, and HE consults no jury. George Michael is a man, whose blood flows, and runs red, exactly as does your's. George Michael is a man, who weeps bitterly when he experiences the great loss of a loved one, such as his mother, or his lover, exactly as would you, if you were to experience a loss of that magnatude. George Michael is a man, who has many, many talents, one of those, and not the least of his many, is music. George Michael has the ability to bring raw emotion out of even the hardest of us. This beautiful song he wrote, and sang, has indeed brought emotion out of those who listen to it, not just hear it, but LISTEN to it. Thank-you George Michael! He understands pain, and sorrow, no differently than anyone else, so why judge him, when quite clearly, you are not THE JUDGE??

Praying for Time... | Reviewer: Bernie "MAC" Mullen | 3/19/10

I agree with all comments above. I've been a fan of George Michael back in the early 80's back when he was with "Wham".Almost 30 years later, he's still doing it and doing it well! Sexual preferance has nothing to do with talent, but religion does. Respect is a total different subject. God said in Romans that homosexuality is an abomination. I don't agree with his life-style but, he's still talented. I'm thinking we should be praying for his Salvation. Its not too late.

who cares??? | Reviewer: deidre elayne lemaster | 10/29/09

the sexual preferance is not important tat our world is going to hell, really,the contexts of the song is whats important not that hes homosexual!..u conformist holy rollers aref ull of it!...who cares if u like the same sex, we grow up telling people to fall in love with someone you care aboutand wen we do , u judge.....keeps your negative opinions to yourself!!

We've done it to ourselves | Reviewer: Terrie Schelin | 4/3/09

I, too, lost respect for George Michael because of his sexual preferences, but he doesn't have to answer to US. I bought this single, and the tears stream down my face every time I listen to this song. George Michael, in my opinion, can sing it like no other. His work is fascinating. But we ARE running out of time. Take a look around us, people, and wake up. He did let us out to play.... Are you going to "come in" when He calls for us? Eileen hit the nail on the head: "Get your life right."

wake up | Reviewer: diane bishop | 8/8/08

to the comment that was made above. This is so true. I .too, for the first time seen him sing it on American Idol. Tears ran down my face.I like George Michael songs however lost respect for him because of his sexual interest with his same sex.However , God does love everyone.This is a very powerful song!!!

Precious Time | Reviewer: Eileen Riordan | 7/13/08

I saw George Michaels sing "Praying For Time" on the 2 hour special of American Idol at the end of the season, as I listened to him sing, the tears flowed down my cheeks throughout the entire performance. I have not been moved like that by a song in a long time. The lyrics are so true,this world is in such disaster and everyone is only out for themselves,not thinking,not loving,not caring,not sharing,not doing anything for our fellow human beings. God says," Love thy neighbor as thyself " along with so many other scriptures in the Bible,all about LOVE. There is no more time, start now,get your life right,Love one another. When Jesus comes to take us home, I'm sure you want to be in that select few. GOD BLESS

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