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The Quest so far......

Power Quest was conceived in March 2001 by keyboardist
Steve Williams as an outlet for his melodic power metal
compositions, influenced by the likes of Stratovarius,
Rhapsody and Freedom Call.

Having recently left London power metal heroes
"DragonHeart" it was time to start recruiting musicians to
"join the Quest". Steve Scott (ex-Shadowkeep and
ex-DragonHeart) was approached regarding bass duties. Steve
was keen to work with his former colleague and duly
accepted the offer.

The original intention was for More...

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Review about Power Quest songs
Amazing and brilliantly crafted | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Longest Night performed by Power Quest

Ive heard all there albums. I speak for only myself when i say that bands such as Power Quest, Dragonforce, Kamelot, so forth they really get creative musically and lyrically. Being a musician and music producer for 4 years experience with the metal music scene, i strongly feel todays music scene such as: hip hop, and rap are such a disappointment i feel some of them can do much better for example sang clear vocals while there are some songs that i like. But everyone has there own definition of what music is supposed to sounds like to them. Once again i speak for myself so no narm no foul. im just saying how many bands lack this creativity and beautiful sounding vocals

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