Powderfinger Lyrics

Some bands burst into the public consciousness with a flare
of brilliance, or simple novelty, and just as quickly
disappear. Others – Australian quintet Powderfinger, for
instance – slowly build their sound and identity through
hard work and perseverance, and then appear, fully-formed,
leaving listeners asking, "Where did THEY come from?"

Powderfinger comes from Brisbane, Australia, and over the
seven years since their 1994 debut album they have become
the top rock band in their native country. Winners of
nearly every major award in More...

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Review about Powderfinger songs
    ------ About the song My Happiness performed by Powderfinger

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you rock | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song My Happiness performed by Powderfinger

i absolutily love this song its the best of the west i love you powder finger you rock the music and lyrics with your awesome words you use i grew up with you since i was born your my heros you have the best rythem 'YOU ROCK WHOOOO!!!'

andrea's review | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bless My Soul performed by Powderfinger

Apologies Andrea (above) but seeing this song was released on the Fingerprints album, I don't think "Bless my soul" is a tribute to Mrs Fanning. She didn't come on the scene til way after the song's release.

School Song | Reviewer: Dave
    ------ About the song These Days performed by Powderfinger

I played this song for our 12 formal assembly this yr man there was not a dry eye in the building i reckon.

Matt,Dean,Chris (u guys rock)
Peace out

(Class of 2007)

"skinny jean" rocks | Reviewer: trisha
    ------ About the song Skinny Jean performed by Powderfinger

skinny jean is one of my favourite songs of all time, and i'm stoked that it's from my favourite band as well. skinny jean belongs to powderfinger, and powderfinger alone. everything is right about it, from beginning to end, vocals to sound. great edgy sound, and a huge range of mood and tempo as well, from groove, to crescendo in the chorus, even some sympathy seems to creep in there. i continue to marvel at the tight instrumentals, and the apparent depth of the lyrics. i think it makes a very relevant statement about the perils of fashion and the effect that obsessively or narrowly following it can have on a life. I'm still not entirely sure what it's exactly about and some of the things it refers to- the lyrics are cryptic at times- but that's the mystery and pleasure of it- there's always something more to discover here, another layer of meaning. i reckon it's still the tightest and most compelling song on Double Allergic- a ripping start to a great album. go powderfinger, love your voice bernard if you're reading this!

jonny song | Reviewer: joanna
    ------ About the song These Days performed by Powderfinger

my bf is in fuken luv wit dis fuken song it so mad n im really soz if he annoyed any1 wit dis song

Super Song! | Reviewer: Blomberg
    ------ About the song Sunsets performed by Powderfinger

Hey, this song is great, i love it. It really explains the cultural references and differences between Australia and Japan

Lost & Dumbfounded | Reviewer: phil
    ------ About the song Lost And Running performed by Powderfinger

This song is the best to come from Powderfinger since My Happyness

Bernard found love indeed | Reviewer: andrea
    ------ About the song Bless My Soul performed by Powderfinger

When in Spain in 2005, Bernard met a young lady called Andrea and obviously wrote the song about meeting her again.... They married in January this year.

Amazingly different | Reviewer: Izzle-my-Nizzle
    ------ About the song Lemon Sunrise performed by Powderfinger

When i first heard this i was shocked that they, Powderfinger, would do a song like this ..listening to it further i found that not only is the song lyrically nothing (by this i mean the song writer - proabably Bernard - just threw in a few words that rhymed here and there). I love it, dont get me wrong ..the sex appeal in his voice is just so full on! maybe a nice beach scene with waves and an early morning sunrise would be an ideal film clip! Moving back to the song, the chords dont seem too difficult but then again this is Them, which means that when u hear it u think somthing, and then when u try to play it you realise it is sooo much harder (little chords here and there that are played and u completely miss it when u just hear the song).

i love the song ..i love his voice ..i love their band ..cant wait 'til june 9th!

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