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Chumbawamba Poverty Knock Lyrics

Last updated: 06/06/2012 12:00:00 PM

'Poverty poverty knock,' my loom is a saying all day
Poverty poverty knock, gaffer's too skinny to pay
Poverty poverty knock, keeping one eye on the clock
I know I can guttle when I hear my shuttle go, 'poverty poverty knock'
Up every morning at five, I wonder that we keep alive
Tired and yawning another cold morning
It's back to the dreary old drive.
[Repeat chorus]
Oh dear we're going to be late
Gaffer is stood at the gate
We're out of pocket, our wages they'll docket
We'll have to buy grub on the slate
[Repeat chorus]
And when our wages they bring, we're often short of a string
While we are fighting with gaffer for snatching
We know to his brass he will cling
[Repeat chorus]
Sometimes a shuttle flies out
and gives some poor woman a clout
There she lies bleeding but nobody's heeding
Oh who's going to carry her out?
[Repeat chorus]
Oh dear, my poor head it sings
I should have woven three strings
My threads are breaking and my back is aching
Oh dear, I wish I had wings
Poverty poverty knock
Poverty poverty knock
Poverty poverty knock