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Trina Pour It Up (Freestyle) Lyrics

Last updated: 01/24/2013 05:49:35 AM

Yeah, pour it up, pour it up, mgc, trina!

Sit, sitting back in that white thang
Move saint, no ceiling
Yeah, yeah you cuttin that check dough
Cause this pussy woth bout 100 millions
Take your man I got no feelings
Take your man I got no feelings
Designer only touch this body
Herman’s and belinciago
Ah, I be cuttin corners yeah I know you see me
Kiwi lamborghini it’s just me and ree ree
Bitch you see the ghost yeah that he be jebes
I know I’m they favorite bitch just wanna be me
I don’t see you hoes, all I see is money
Throw a hunned bands, he could feel upon it
Ace of spades that’s in my cup, pach sirock shout out to puff
Where you see a bad bitch, real niggas co it up
Oho, oho, all I see is signs, all I see is dollar signs
Oho, oho, money on my mind, money, money on my mind
Throw it, throw it up, watch it fall out from the sky
Throw it, throw it up, watch it all fall out.

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