Porter Wagoner Lyrics

Porter's broad smile, flashy costume and memorable song-is
the very image of a country music star. Indeed, he is a
veritable icon in the country music industry.

Porter's career has taken him from strumming a guitar in a
grocery store, in his hometown of West Plains, Missouri, to
singing on stages around the world. He would be the first
to tell you that the place he is proudest to perform is the
Grand Old Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

His guitar playing and singing as a youthful grocery clerk
inspired the store owner to sponsor an More...

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Review about Porter Wagoner songs
Oh the memories | Reviewer: Tammy
    ------ About the song Matthew 24 performed by Porter Wagoner

We use to sing this song in the church I grew up in. I was the pastor's daughter and oh the memories I have of my grandma, now in Heaven, singing this song with us bring tears of happiness to my eyes.

DIM LIGHTS, THICK SMOKE "rocks" with DWIGHT YOAKAM !! | Reviewer: Karaoke Butch
    ------ About the song Dim Lights Thick Smoke (and Loud Loud Music) performed by Porter Wagoner

This has to be one of the best all-time hits never to have really "made it" - hopefully DWIGHT will make it happen on his new "3 Pears" album. The original by JOE MAPHIS is VERY hard to find, and is IMPOSSIBLE to find on KARAOKE disc by ANYONE singing it !!

Please pray for me | Reviewer: Thomas Mathew
    ------ About the song My Special Prayer Request performed by Porter Wagoner

Dear Friend! My name's Thomas Mathew, im working in a company in kerala. Although it's an ok job, im still not settled with my life. Iam 26 years old & i dnt have much money with me, & im not able to provide for my parents & sibilings. Most of my friends are happy in their life, they are married & settled with a gud life, but mine's not moving on. Im still stuck @ where i was before. Im not happy now. I can't be happy. Im all alone & single. I love a girl in my office & i wanted make her a part of my life. I want her to be my wife. I love her more than anything & i ll be with her till the end of our lives. I dnt know whether this's God's will or not, but nothing is impossible for God, he can do anything. Please pray for me that she ll be mine & she should start loving me. I do not want to loose her & break my heart because once few years back i lost my first love & it took me 3 years to overcome that pain. I do not want to happen this again. I want to have this girl in my life & never loose her. Please pray for me that she ll be mine & mine only. Please please pray for my love. Please pray that i may get settled with my life & marry this girl very soon. I can't suffer the pain & lonliness any more. Pls pray for me & help me.

Job nd career | Reviewer: Jackulin Sheela
    ------ About the song My Special Prayer Request performed by Porter Wagoner

I am uma frm ootty. I have finishd my b.e degree this year. I want to study m.e but my parents dnt hv mny to offer. I want to work but i dnt hv a job. I want to go to search a job but my parents are nt allowng . Pls pray 4r me that God may help me to take d right decision in my life

leavin' on the gospel train | Reviewer: DrNoelG
    ------ About the song Hand Me Down My Walking Cane performed by Porter Wagoner

My family sang this song with the words changed to suggest that "I" was a
person preparing for his final trip on that train. We made up the lyrics, and they have been forgotten, but given the rhyming and verses, it is easy to change them to that purpose.

The Amen Corner | Reviewer: Lora
    ------ About the song Trouble In The Amen Corner performed by Porter Wagoner

I was just a little girl when I heard Porter Waggoner share the ballad 'Trouble in the Amen Corner.' I never forgot the song, nor the message ... nor the singer. May God bless Brother Porter as He welcomes a new member to His Heavenly choir!

I haven't seen mary in years | Reviewer: Phil
    ------ About the song I Haven't Seen Mary In Years performed by Porter Wagoner

1st verse,5th line where it reads leave, should it not read lead? Also sa,e thing, 3rd line from bottom

Done brilliantly yet again! | Reviewer: James Hunnicutt
    ------ About the song Be A Little Quieter performed by Porter Wagoner

I have an advanced promo copy of Wagonmaster and "Be A Little Quieter" appears as the 2nd track of the album. I believe it's the same track he recorded in the late 60's/early 70's. What a great song! At age 79 Porter proves he's still the king of honky tonkin'!

A "picture" of our need for God | Reviewer: Jamie Higdon
    ------ About the song Charley's Picture performed by Porter Wagoner

Very few songs, stories or pieces of art have ever penetrated into the core of man's terrible aloneness. This song is a snapshot of knowledge without release, or of emptiness and hunger while the banquet is in progress. There is a happy ending here. Every man staring at the dead Charley can answer the need.

One of the greats from one of the greatest! | Reviewer: James Hunnicutt
    ------ About the song Banks Of The Ohio performed by Porter Wagoner

Porter Wagoner is right up there with Hank Williams & Johnny Cash as being the greatest male country singer in my opinion and this but one of many examples of my proof

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