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Porcupine Tree was born in 1987 as a psychedelic,
experimental, and progressive music outlet for the home
studio explorations of Steven Wilson. In fact, Wilson had
already been making music for several years, as a musically
precocious teenager who taught himself to play guitar and
keyboards, and whose early tape releases with bands such as
Altamont and Karma had already become known in the London
musical underground (these tapes, which included early
versions of later PT tracks like "Nine Cats," "Small Fish,"
and "This Long Silence," More...

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Review about Porcupine Tree songs
poignant tune | Reviewer: Kim Baird
    ------ About the song Stars Die performed by Porcupine Tree

This song, released as a single in the early-mid 1990s, is rich with layered meaning and melodic depth. The original and the live version on Octane Twisted offer two different feels with the distance of time between them yet a profound continuity across the years.

*sniff* | Reviewer: Necrobutcher
    ------ About the song Trains performed by Porcupine Tree

I did not cry motherfucker!!I am just sweating through my eyes!*cries some more*The first I heard this song I must have repeated it about 7 times.When I hear the vocals in the intro, waves after waves of goosebumps crash into me.I think of the amount of genius that was taken to compose a song like this. Just rock at its best. And I am saddened that instead of listening to songs like this people listen to songs that have shallow meanings and recycled lyrics like that pop shit.

Time Flew....:) | Reviewer: Abhilash
    ------ About the song Time Flies performed by Porcupine Tree

This is the song of the century, at least to me...the simplicity and the magnanimity it offers completely blew me away the moment i heard it..Thanks to Steven Wilson and the Porcupine Tree to come up with a gem like this. I recommend it to everyone!

Where have I been!? | Reviewer: Trainleader
    ------ About the song Arriving Somewhere But Not Here performed by Porcupine Tree

My interest for music started when i was born in 1965. 1966 my father gave me a musicfurniture and was soon able to use it at the age of one. I´ve heard a lot of music in my days. But how coul´d I miss out this band from the early 90´s!? Why did I just find out about them in 2013!? This is pure amazing and intelligent quality work of music! This band played in my hometown last year... Next time I will be there!!.. if God wants and I´m alive!

Love this song | Reviewer: IBgood
    ------ About the song Trains performed by Porcupine Tree

I believe this song is about a train wreck he witnessed when he was a kid from his cousin's bed "60 ton angel fell to the floor" that he uses as a metaphor to describe the end of something beautiful. In this case, that something, is his summer love that is brought in by a train (which is why he's reminded of the train wreck) but is later calmed when "the hissing subsides" because he knows all is well.
However, just like all summers must pass, and the evening finally settles in, his loved one must depart as well, and he is left standing alone 'tied up' at the train station. It's ambiguous as to the outcome of their relationship, but the line "Im dying of love/its ok" sure points out to the hardships of distant relationships and the suffering one often undergoes from them.

disclosed | Reviewer: soudeep
    ------ About the song Halo performed by Porcupine Tree

simply amazing,the lyrics af this song and the music is so powerful that it arouses the general feeling that we had wrong notion about the ALMIGHTY.It disclosed the hapless reality so subtetly that I was simply short of adjevtives to appreciate it.

The meaning of none and the smell of future yesterday | Reviewer: J.C. Kenaz
    ------ About the song Trains performed by Porcupine Tree

IMHO it's a song about the sorrow connected with leaving of someone who's close to the heart for one. Let's supposed it's his cousin who he loves but who only come in the summer hollidays, than it's a song about she' leaving.
When the evening reaches here
You're tying me up
She had to go, leaving him with all this surooundings reminding him her. It's almost unbearable, all these places, sounds, the sky, air, all of these are as such cause not only she left, but there also the summer's gone either.

I'm dying of love
It's OK
He does not complain much cause he's in love. It's painful but it's also beutiful.

Wow | Reviewer: Sean
    ------ About the song Arriving Somewhere But Not Here performed by Porcupine Tree

The other reviews here sum up the majority of my thoughts. So instead I will state what I'm sure many are thinking while reading these reviews.

Why are there so little reviews?
It must mean that the most magical things in life are seen by only the few who seek it.

Gavin Harrison is my favourite drummer | Reviewer: Sam
    ------ About the song The Sound Of Muzak performed by Porcupine Tree

I think a lot of people underestimate gavin. Yeh the guitar solo is great, but the man's timing, and just utter creativeness when it comes to contributing to the songwriting from the drumming perspective is genius. Great inspiration to me :)

This is the Song for all music | Reviewer: Chris B Duck
    ------ About the song Arriving Somewhere But Not Here performed by Porcupine Tree

This was the first song I ever heard from Porcupine Tree. It is still my favourite and as has been said before it's the shortest 13 min song ever! I could play in a loop and just be taken away to the movie in my mind. I'm 46 years old and only heard of the band this year - Oh my wasted life!

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