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Pearl Jam Porch Lyrics

Last updated: 02/27/2014 07:04:46 PM

What the fuck is this world
Running to, you didn't
Leave a message, at least I
Coulda' learned your voice one last time
Daily minefield, this could
Be my time, 'bout you?
Would you hit me? (2x)
Oh oh oh...oh whoa whoa...ow...

All the bills go by, and
Initiatives are taken up
By the middle, there ain't gonna be any middle any more
And the cross I'm bearing home
Ain't indicative of my place
Left the porch (2x)
Oh oh oh...
Hear my name, take a good look
This could be the day
Hold my hand, walk beside me
I just need to say...

Hear my name, take a good look
This could be the day
Hold my hand, lie beside me
I just need to say
I could not take a-just one day
I know when I would not ever touch you
Hold you...feel my arms...never again...
Yeah... (12x)

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Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/14

"If I knew that I would never ever touch you, hold you, feel you, in my arms, ever again." Glad this site got them mostly right. The actual PJ Ten Club site butchers these written lyrics. Surprising because the words (and record) are pretty powerful.

I did not have a porch | Reviewer: Kris Almazan | 2/9/12

I cant believe PJ wouldve been so influential after all this past years, i have used to listen to them back in the beginings of the 00s but somehow and nowdays they just got me, why? Idk, but a thing it is sure, they purely strong and amazing and this song and all of em are fucking Great in the whole expansion of the word.

Porch is something i have had never got, not even in my dreams but surely when im a bit older im gonna get a house near the lake at the woods with my wife resting outside the lakehouse in our PORCH!!

Thanks Pearl Jam!!!!

Roy. Ashburton.Vic. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/11

Love this song. The guitar work is brilliant, differant. First heard this song on a cd live at some US high school. They played in live in Melbourne last tour, went for half an hour. Unbeleivable. I love Eddy and these guys, changed my life.