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Pearl Jam Porch (Unplugged) Lyrics

Last updated: 10/13/2012 11:14:40 AM

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I just want to say, uh... 1, 2, 3, 4

What the fuck is this world
Running to? You didn't
Leave a message
At least I could have
Learned your voice one last time.
Daily minefield
This could be my time
How 'bout you?
Would you hit me?
Would you hit me?
Oh, ohhhh, ohhhh (yeah!)

All the bills go by
And initiatives are taken up
By the middle
There ain't gonna be any middle any more
And the cross I'm bearing home
Ain't indicative of my place
Left the porch
Left the porch

Hear my name
Take a good look
This could be the day
Hold my hand
Walk beside me
I just need to say...


There's somethin...
There's somethin' I don't mind
There's a choice
In our time
I don't believe in
Changin' that
I could try
To make a change for real
There is somethin'...
To debate
I know I want... this
I want to live
I want to choose

Hear my name
Take a good look
This could be the day
Hold my hand
Lie beside me
I just need to say
What can I take?
I just want to be
I know that i would not ever touch you
Hold you
Feel you
Ever hold
Never again

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