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Moby Porcelain Lyrics

Last updated: 01/22/2014 12:27:27 PM

Hey, Hey, Hey, Woman, it's alright.
Hey, Hey, Hey, Woman, it's alright.

In my dreams I'm dying all the time
When I wake its kaleidoscopic mind
I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to lie
So this is goodbye
This is goodbye

Hey, Hey, Hey, Woman, it's alright.
Hey, Hey, Hey, Woman, it's alright.

Tell the truth you never wanted me

Tell me...

In my dreams I'm jealous all the time
Then I wake I'm going out of my mind
Going out of my mind

Hey, Hey, Hey, Woman, it's alright.(x4)

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The Chorus | Reviewer: D Jeanette | 1/22/14

I have loved this song since its first appearance...and even still I'm sure the chorus is: "Hey, Hey, Hey...Nobody knows my name." Give it another listen with this in mind and you will see that it sounds right and makes sense with the lyrics. Moby is brilliant!

Chorus Word | Reviewer: mark | 3/14/13

This song is a simple but amazing creative effort. However, I believe that the chorus word is "Bye" instead of "Hey", it makes more sense in the context of the lyrics. It definitely starts with a "b", as kaleidoscopic also noted in his review.

touching | Reviewer: akn | 10/6/12

this song. reflects what I really feel right now bout her. I managed to say how I feel about her, at the same time I stopped for loving her again. i wish.

great song Moby! played this repeatedly on my car.

An Ugly Truth | Reviewer: MJ | 1/5/12

As horrible as it is to admit I've kinda been messing around with this chick. And its obvious that she's developed feelings 4 me and instead of telling her how I really feel I played along and pretended to like her as well. I know I gotta tell her the truth. This song gives me some means to break it to her...gently

key line to interpretation | Reviewer: mdroc1 | 12/12/11

Why does Moby sing in the middle of the song:
"Tell the truth, you never wanted me"

In all other parts of the song, he makes it sounds like he is dealing with loss of love because of something he hurt his lover and lied. Perhaps he is trying to soften the blow by trying to convince himself that she never loved him anyway? Or perhaps the fact that she left without telling him because he hurt and lied to her which he interprets as her not really loving him. If she did, she would stay and try to work it out....

Eternal | Reviewer: Frank | 9/22/11

My jaw dropped when I paid attention to the words, same exact situation I am living, my only lie was not telling that I loved her. I am going to send her a CD with this track only as a farewell...
Moby lived thru the same, he wrote it as he felt it, and millions of guys can identify.. having lost a life-defining relationship, because it was not felt on both sides, or you taught it wasn't, or you did not belive it wasn't because it was so there for you -peace M-H I will love you in another life

Every word of this song I feel right now.... | Reviewer: Scot | 7/27/11

This song embodies the exact situation I'm going through right now. I lied, didn't mean to but it cost me something special, something real, one of those things you spend your life looking for. Thing is, I felt it much more than she did...identical to these lyrics. Thank you Moby, life is a lesson learned.

Hipnosis. | Reviewer: Zaheer | 11/13/10

I've been listening Moby songs since years,its magic in his voice, moby is a Amazing singer his single PALE HORSES is also Crazy track. I've listen his track Porcelain for at least 50 times in one go my player on Repeat and i'm stoned and lost into the Music of Peace. Live long life MOBY. :) Amuser.

=/ | Reviewer: me | 7/2/10

I just understood the lyrics... its weird how it happened to me.. but right now Im leaving a situation.. so I read part of the lyrics somewhere else and made totally sense to me...
for me the lyrics are about a guy that is sorry for hurting or lying to someone... and the only thing he wants is to be forgiven... and now that he has dreamed of dying he has finally decided to take his life away.. I lyrics has not too much sense.. but when a person is completely lost and about to take his or her life..what they say has no sense at all.. although they are the most deeply fellings of them

beautiful | Reviewer: kaleidoscopic | 6/2/10

i always thought he was saying "bay" instead of "hey", but whatever.
it's like the lyrics work together with the song to make it beautiful. they're not really meant to make sense, only for the listener to interpret.
i love moby. pocelain, bodyrock, and extreme ways are my favorite songs.

Porcelain | Reviewer: NJH | 9/12/09

I found love and lost love and this song helped me get to the other side of the madness. The words fit the world I was in at that time. Thanks Moby for being there for me and putting music to my feelings

crazy | Reviewer: blain | 8/19/09

the first i heard this track was from da movie the beach ,although the movie is simply brilliant the soundtrack wher it appears in da movie just beats everything its da perfect wonderful song 4 dat moment n it will always be there r no words 2 describe this feeling.....

trance feel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/09

i really think this song puts you in a sort of trance, its fuckin awesome! His words dont make sense, yet it doesn't need to the actual sound of it does! Moby you rock and i know many other people think that! Peace Man!

Alive.. | Reviewer: ..Pixie | 8/4/08

..This song is simply beautiful in every sense..and if you're going through a break up like i am, it carries you through..i was listening to it in the car today..while losing myself in the broken white lines..and it made me believe i could do is truly porcelain..make's you feel porcelain as well..:) could find a new meaning to life through this's ..beautiful..

Fab song | Reviewer: Brooke | 2/27/08

In response of those asking about the first words in the song, i always assumed he was saying Play, as in the CD 'Play', on which was the song Porcelain?? I'm just taking a stab here, but it kinda makes sense.