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Hate In The Box Porcelain Lyrics

Last updated: 05/05/2004 02:54:00 AM

When you cry it makes a sound
Like knives on porcelain
It makes me want to seal you up in glass
It makes me want to peel off your skin
And I think that on your face, this razorblade
Would make your tears run red
Yeah, I'd carve you a new expression
A souvenir of my affection
Dollies don't speak, keep your mouth shut
I'll wrap you up in plastic
Bet you'd make a pretty little package
Dollies don't speak, keep your mouth shut
Don't you know you're better off now
Safer when you're tied up
Bleached you white as parchment
Yes! this time it will be perfect
It won't be much longer now
Just keep your head down- underwater
And you'll be with me forever because
My love is just enough- to drown you in
I'll substitute your sin for porcelain

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