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Pop Will Eat Itself (PWEI) was formed in Stourbridge,
England in 1986. Made up of frontman Clint Mansell,
keyboardist Adam Mole, drummer Graham Crabb and bassist
Richard March. PWEI began as an indie guitar band, and
issued their self-produced debut EP The Poppies Say Grrr in
1986. The Poppies (what PWEI is referred to as) helped to
futher increase their popularity with their 1987
full-length debut Box Frenzy and the hit "There Is No Love
Between Us Anymore". This style, proclaimed as "grebo"
(subculture of similarly grimy and More...

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Review about Pop Will Eat Itself songs
Never Again…Surely ? | Reviewer: JoHNifecktheNazis
    ------ About the song Ich Bin Ein Auslander performed by Pop Will Eat Itself

I remember hearing this song on its release & loving the heavy tribal, anarchic feel to it. I also remember thinking at the time, as a mature 28 year old, that the lyrics were a bit naive. Same old, same old. The latest, multicultural generation shouting injustices & declarations of resistance.

Yes, at that time, the extreme right was showing signs of a resurgence in popularity especially in the eastern side of Europe but times have moved on & we, as a species have moved on…evolved, hadn't we ? Fast forward 19 years & things have changed. Nazi movements in some shape or form have grown or even gained positions of power from Southern Europe to the USA to the Baltic's. Present economic times are a fertile recruitment ground for the Fascists. Don't believe the hype!

Greed/Hate suffocates growth. The Human Race will never evolve if we do not question,only accept their answers & accept their targets. PEACEnLOVE…as Martha would say.. 'It's a good thing'

2014…or 1984?

Looks like i was wrong & PWEI had a good grip of the coming future!

Dance of the mad hatter | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dance of the Mad performed by Pop Will Eat Itself

Saw the band twice and at both concerts they opened with this song. It's a great song but out of print :(. If the song can be found in the long version it opens with a televanglist preaching "the truth about rock music"

Totally great. | Reviewer: Chris Vincent
    ------ About the song Ich Bin Ein Auslander performed by Pop Will Eat Itself

Pop Will Eat Itself has released one heck of a song. This song touches on racial, ethnic, and religious discrimination, and how we have to rise up and defend those of our friends whom are being overrun by it. I whole-heartedly agree with the lyrics, and their meaning. A great song to inspire the masses to make the world a better place.

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