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Frenchie Pop That Lyrics

Last updated: 10/30/2012 03:02:51 PM

That gangsta you knock that, you're ballin then cope that
I'm hittin my target anything I pop that
barely talk that, sower I got that BSL
lose it knock that, you get it pop that
target drop that, niggas be fighting I run to the drum boy
I'm gonna hop that boy boy boy
I saw this bell my croockers in danger
I'm gonna pop that,
niggas be shitting their ass but they my nigga, drop that

Your mouth you pop that
really, you're not that
BSL and momy I got that
I think is the..and your girl is a geneder
you know she's gonna mob that, no target your head,
I knock off, I'm sick of that,
now get the shit of my way, and you'll be left in a ..way
you swear my gun in from a restaurant
I serve niggas like Fridays
look at my life is Friday,
19 no problem, kill the girl like a talking dog
I need the same while


Live my life like is a car see
so best believe that I'm strapped in,
when you hot girls all on you,
and then you call you, that's back then
that little club we packed in
my little homie you pack in,
I got myself west side connection
rounding round with that Mack ten
corrupting streets that I'm running
double seas in my pocket
I run homies that brought homies,
see your head it was bracking,
say I move walk no pennys loafers my shoes talk,
crack a doubt I might..your head
so you be careful when you walk.


Luda kiss and I'm straight walk em say I should flex
BSL is my company I cause down for no tax
move arena I'm on ex man, so anytime I'm gonna reck
magnet on the eye clothe, so you should show some respect
I'm turning up my city, notorius no biggie,
making a bad no tittie, taking out time like chemi
take the shit like dimmie, take a true word,
I got a bargain like Jimmy,
I tear the squad like remi any river run no diggie