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Radiohead Pop Is Dead Lyrics

Last updated: 09/29/2013 08:58:03 AM

Oh no, pop is dead, long live pop
It died an ugly death by back-catalogue
And now you know it gets you nowhere
And now you know, you realize

Oh no, pop is dead, it just gave up
We raised the dead but they won't stand up
And radio thinks I'm an outlaw
And now you know you're gonna die

He left this message for us

So what pop is dead, it's no great loss
So many facelifts, his face flew off
The emperor, he has no clothes on
And his skin is peeling off

Oh no, pop is dead, long live pop,
We'll find a line of coke to jack him up
Jack him up.

He left this message for us

He left this message for us

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Pop really is dead | Reviewer: Jesse Summer-Lavigne | 10/18/2007

Most people hate this song, being Pre-Kid A, and even Pre-Ok Computer, but I love this song.

It reminds me of Iron Lung, with the same meaning and crazy distorted single note guitar riffs, but with way more energy and rah into it. Sure, Thom looks like a dumbass in the video, but he sure as hell sings well. You get to hear things in it that Thom would never do in any of his later works. Jonny plays a wonderful lead guitar, that works great for young kids to learn how to do riffs well. The bass is playing and the drums are pumping. Its a great party starter, except that most people these days listen to pop. From The Police to Fall Out Boy. It never changes.

Its sad to think They'll never play this live again.