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Sublime Pool Shark Lyrics

Last updated: 02/04/2014 07:14:45 PM

Lyin' in my plastic bed
thinkin' how things weren't so cool to me
my baby likes to shoot pool
I like lyin' naked in my bedroom
tying on the dinosaur tonight
it used to be so cool to...

But now i've got the needle
and i can shake but i can't breathe
i take it away
but i want more, and more
one day i'm gonna lose the war

Lyin' in my plastic bed
thinkin' how things weren't so cool to me
my baby like to shoot pool
like lyin' naked in my bedroom
tying on the dinosaur tonight
it used to be so cool

now i got the needle
and i can shake but i can't breath
i take it away
but i want more, and more
one day i'm gonna lose the war.

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Beside the point | Reviewer: SC_Fan | 2/4/14

It is common knowledge Brad borrowed lyrics just a thousands of bands have done. I doubt Brad would have ever claimed to actually write Trenchtown Rock or any other songs they sampled/dubbed/borrowed. It was the early late 80s/early 90s and Sublime did this better than anyone. Their music is one of the best examples of being well before their time that I've ever heard. Most songs were written in the very early 90s and became widely popular and heavily played 5-10 years later and you cannot tell me that Badfish, Santeria and many other songs sound outdated to this day. If you grew up in a beach lifestyle or surfing lifestyle Sublime was the absolute best along with other punk bands like Bad Religion to get you hyped for a surf session. I was fortunate to see Sublime on the warped tour in little ole Myrtle Beach SC on 8-15-95. Think what you will about SC but the beach scene here is as good as any, maybe not the surf but we are willing to travel to Hatteras, Sebastian, Folly, Wrightsville and others blasting Sublime the entire way. Hurricane season during the the 90s gave us epic east coast waves and Sublime among others was the theme song to those epic swells and epic girlies. Sublime stretched borders and is loved to this day. I will always cherish seeing them more than any other band and I've seen everything from the Grateful Dead, Run DMC, Smashing Pumpkins, Beasties, Bob Dylan, Public Enemy, and many more. Sublime is truly the one band I feel lucky to have seen live. Everyone should have had the chance to see them live. They truly rocked and changed the scene forever. From Long Beach to Garden City, SC. They rocked the entire US.

memories | Reviewer: Eileen | 11/8/12

Without going into too much detail, and I may never revisit this sight again with a love of life and my past with Bradley Nowell, and all consideration to his family, You are all wrong on this song. This song has a lot to do with the time when I had a fake I.D. almost of age and started going to local bars with friends and learning the game of pool. It drove Brad crazy that i was out and about doing this with my girlfriends. It was a time of much conflict as two young people. He flushed my fake I.D. down the toilet and it was hard night to say the least. However lifes building blocks and memories, everyone is here cause they loved sublime XO

Trenchtown Rock | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/11

I'm not trying to put down brad he was an absolutely amazing musician and this song is very sad and I listen to it everyday but that one quote "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain" isn't Bradley. Trenchtown Rock was a Bob Marley cover, though a great cover.

The most tragically amazing song ever. | Reviewer: IMY BN | 8/20/11

I spent an entire car ride today replaying this song over and over. There was something about it that just called out to me. (live version) So I came home to look it up and found the other reviews. I must say that It all makes sense. Its true that his pain just engulfs you. I now realize that its the utter simplicity and rawness that makes this song the way it is.

Its true that he was an amazing singer and writer. He was real. That is what I'll miss most about him. Not trying to cover up who he is. He wore his problems on his sleeve for us all to learn from. RIP BN.

---- | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/11

To the guy below me, Scorched earth. I think this song could be about coke or heroin or maybe even meth. If it is heroin, I would interpret the line "I can shake but i can't breath" as cotton fever. You shake soo bad, but can barely breath, hyperventilate, etc.

Scorched Earth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/10

Strange. I always assumed this one was about shooting cocaine. Hence "shooting pool"... shooting "eight-ball". It all makes more sense to me that way... having experienced both. Some of the details like lying around naked... because of the way it makes you overheat and sweat and shake...

Not to say this can't serve as a warning about heroin or any needle drugs for that matter.

Thanks for the music, Brad. Sorry you couldn't stay.

noone will ever read this | Reviewer: fACADE | 5/26/10

i have been listening to this song over and over. heroin is the only drug i have never used. i don't use any drugs now, but i am drinking myself to death. i keep up appearances and am gainfully employed. brad did have "potential" but sublime was possibly one of the worst live bands ever. brad, like me, was an egotistical guy. i have a friend who grew up in long beach and was present at many backyard parties where sublime performed. they were rude and arrogant according to him. just like me. i totally relate to bradley. most sublime concerts were a train wreck, cuz he was too wasted to even remember his own lyrics, or play guitar. i live in the north bay, the "play nice in the pit" show was in peteluma, which was their last show ever. that's my kneck of the woods. he od'd in san francisco. they were staying at the bayside motel. the guys were tired, but he went down to the beach with lou dog and got really excited. he came back and said "you guys gotta come check this out." they declined. he went down there alone and shot up. came back to his room, put his feet on the floor, his ass on the bed, fell back and died. straight up. bud found him in that same position the next morning. my point is he wasn't perfect. he was human. don't be so hard on him or yourselves. he wasn't gonna save the world, just like you or i won't. jakob and troy needed him more than you or i need his music. he was publically dying and we let it happen. it was entertainment to us. GOD DAMNIT! he was just a human being that people loved and needed. i wish he was just a plumber and still alive to care for his family. i love his music, but i'd trade that in for his life any day.

shivers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/10

i love this song, and have listened it so many times without realizing how sad it is. I have the Stand By Your Van CD, and once i read some of these reviews i immediately went to listen to it. Its the most heart wrenching performance ive ever heard. I will never be able to listen to this song in the same way again, although it is still an amazing song

afrid to die | Reviewer: | 11/2/09

sad ending to it all, but to me when i here this song, it celebrates life because of brads untimely death. so many of us take life for granted. theirs crazy things that we all experience, and some of the choices that we might make, can ties us down or meet our maker sooner, that can crush our unconscious ego. making heavy drug use an casual thing for are every day life.
this is a great song, it shows an cry for help from a musician that so many admirer, giving it a vary human element, that many, in and out of this similar condition can relate to. there's a lot you can do with a dude and guitar!

(n) | Reviewer: RubIKoN711 | 6/15/09

yeah, its a shame brad is gone. Just goes to show once you get involved with junk like heroin, you're playing with fire, and eventually if you keep it up, you're going to get's just tragic to lose such an amazingly gifted and talented man as him. He could have gone places. but now he's dead, sublime could never be the same without him, and without that sublime sound kickin around, ska's dead..Wonder if the world would be different if we could go back in time and save such deep and influential artists like brad,kurt cobaine, and tupac shakur.

`One Good Thing About Music, When It Hits You, You Feel No Pain'

sublime lives on | Reviewer: Allie. | 5/25/09

This song, is absolutely amazing and has really shaped my life.. In the live version, it shows so much pain.. It really hurts my heart. His swooning of every word, makes me shiver. All of sublime's songs give off this message- a message that i use everyday. Brad was trying so hard to get away, but his addiction swallowed him whole.

thirteen years today.
rest in peace bradley nowell, i miss you to death.
25/05/96 -- 25/05/09

it lives on | Reviewer: kp | 5/19/09

its tragic that the world is so cruel and that it lost a great person like brad nowell. i know i remember him everyday when i'm driving down the road, listening to garden grove and singing all the words at the top of my lungs, and taking a bowl hit for him. rest in peace.

Art | Reviewer: steve | 2/11/09

This song makes me cry everytime. Forget all those other songs that are supposed to be deep, you don't even need to understand the words to this song to feel Brad's pain. All music is art, but good art is something understood by everyone. R.I.P. Bradley Nowell.

One day im gonna lose the war. | Reviewer: I love you Brad | 1/9/09

One of the saddest songs ever written in retrospect. It showed that not only did Brad realized how serious his addiction was, he knew that it would kill him one day if he didn't give it up. As any Sublime fan is well aware, any reference having to do with other drugs like marijuana or alcohol, and even cocaine and meth ("tweaking" as Brad calls it) were taken light-heartedly, however Brad always took his heroin addiction extremely seriously (see "Badfish", "Poolshark", etc.). As a former heroin addict myself, I have a greater emotional attachment to this song than any other ever written. Just to show you how f-cked up that world is, I would literally put this song on every time I would shoot-up. Everyone thats an addict, including Brad, knows they don't want to be in that world, so even if you get your fix, deep down you know its killing you. This song isn't a "suicide note", because Brad was trying desperately to be free. He went to rehab over a dozen times, but quickly relapsed afterwards every time. This song was simply Brad's way of explaining that he understood what would happen to him if he keep using heroin, which as we all know it did only two years later. The lyrics are fairly straight forward - "plastic bed" definitely refers to the beds withdrawaling addicts sleep in. The beds are covered in plastic because of the endless amount of sweat that would otherwise soak into it while the addict lies awake in bed and thinks about "how things aren't so cool to me", because trust me, you don't sleep and things definitely aren't cool. One lyric that oddly hasn't been discussed at all is the very title of the song. "My baby likes to shoot pool", more than likely is not a reference to another person, but rather to himself or his needle (which would be his "baby"). "Shooting pool" is slang for injecting something (i.e. "I was in the bathroom shooting pool.") I used to use to term a lot, even before I'd heard the song. "Tyin' off that dinosaur" unquestionably means putting on a tourniquet. "Tying off" is the action of putting it on, and "dinosaur" is slang for the tourniquet itself. "Used to be so cool", any addict will tell you, no one uses heroin looking to get addicted, but with this line Brad shows that he knows that its not fun and games anymore, its a serious problem. "I can shake, but I can't breathe", obviously a reference to intense withdrawals. "The shakes" are a very common symptom for heroin withdrawals. "I can't breathe" is probably just a methaphor for how unbearable heroin withdrawals really are. "One day I'm gonna loose the war", definitely Brad's understanding of the ways his addiction will end, either quit or die. However, this didn't mean that he had stopped fighting and was writing his "suicide note", he was in rehab only a few months before his death. RIP Brad Nowell - the greatest waste of potential in the history of rock and roll. Say NO to needles, they kill!

my good friend | Reviewer: Valerie | 5/22/08

My good friend loved this song and died of a heroin overdose. He knew he was going to die too. He couldn't stand being addicted to heroin and he killed himself by taking too much. The coroner even ruled it a suicide. I helped him through countless withdrawals. It was so painful for him. He was a great musician and a great friend. RIP Craig!