Polly Jean Harvey Albums

  • Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea Album (10/1/2000)
    Big exit
    Good Fortune
    A Place called home
    One Line
    Beautiful Feeling
    The whore hustle and the hustlers whore
    This mess we're in
    You said something
    This Is Love
    Horses in My Dreams
    We Float
    This Wicked Tongue

  • Is This Desire? Album (9/1/1998)
    The Sky Lit Up
    The Wind
    My Beautiful Leah
    A Perfect Day Elise
    Electric Light
    The Garden
    The River
    No Girl So Sweet
    Is This Desire?

  • Dance Hall At Louse Point Album (9/1/1996)
    Rope bridge crossing
    City of no sun
    That was my veil
    Urn with dead flowers in a drained pool
    Civil war correspondent
    Un cercle autour du soleil
    Is that all there is ?
    Dance hall at louse point
    Lost fun zone

  • To Bring You My Love Album (7/1/1995)
    To bring you my love
    Meet ze monsta
    Working for the man
    C'mon Billy
    Long snake moan
    Down by the water
    I think I'm a mother
    Send his love to me
    The dancer

  • Rid of Me Album (7/1/1993)
  • Dry Album (7/1/1982)

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