Poison Lyrics

FORMED: 1983, Harrisburg, PA

This heavy metal band was formed in Pennsylvania, USA, in
the spring of 1983 by Bret Michaels (b. Bret Sychak, 15
March 1962, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA; vocals) and
Rikki Rockett (b. Alan Ream, 8 August 1959, Pennsylvania,
USA; drums). They were soon joined by Bobby Dall (b. Harry
Kuy Kendall, 2 November 1958, Miami, Florida, USA; bass)
and Matt Smith (guitar). Legendarily, Slash from Guns
N'Roses also auditioned at one point. The quartet played
local clubs as Paris, before moving to Los Angeles and More...

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Review about Poison songs
OMG!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jordan H.
    ------ About the song I Want More performed by Poison

0MG-My little brothers are 6 and they say that this song is the funniest thing EVA!!!!!!!!!:D(ROLF)0-ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING. Some times it makes ME feel like I'm the FAT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Hardee-harr-harr | Reviewer: Jordan H.
    ------ About the song Letter from Death Row performed by Poison

That was so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!I didn't know if it was funny, sad, OR BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D(rolf) rolling on the floor laughing!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Best Poison song by far | Reviewer: Scott
    ------ About the song Something To Believe In performed by Poison

Such a great song with deep social tones.
So many people lie, cheat, steal, kill and are greedy with most having no compassion for their fellow man.

I encourage all to watch the video and pay attentionto how well it is done.

my 6 year old sister likes this song | Reviewer: Natasha
    ------ About the song I Want Action performed by Poison

the title is slf explanitory.she sings satisfaction all night but i told her not to sing it in front of my mom becase she probably doesn't know i heard it.we have this stupid fund raiser at the middle school (i'm 12 and in 7th grade so my school) and we had to sell magazines but to get a frog you need to turn in 7 names and you get a frog for every magazine you sell.if you have a frog you get to skip 4th period (which you read for 20 min. and the rest you work on homwork or whatevers due and why i turned in 7 names).i got a frog and the first two names i thought of were rikki and bobby (which i relized a few days ago that there was a rikki and bobby in poison so the middle nameis bret c.c.).i told my youngest sister,he one that sings this and last night she sang rikki bobby all night in front of my mom but i changed thesubject and hoped she didnt hear.by the way my other sister is 10 and she doesnt like much good music just country.the best she listens to is KISS which is my favorite band.gotthus song stuck in my head now.

awesome song | Reviewer: Natasha
    ------ About the song Fallen Angel performed by Poison

if its poison i will listen to it and enjoy it.if not then somethings wrong with me.KISS is my favorite band but poison is WAY up there.i don't have a 2nd favorite band and i probably won't.i 1st heard this song on the radio on a sunday night (i remember cause it was the house of hair and my mom always tells me to get in the shower and get everything for school cause i'm in 7th grade and middle and high school start at 7 something) and they played 3 poison songs in a row and i was ECSTATIC!!!it was talk dirty to me,every rose has its thorn (i think),and fallen angel.i heard look what the cat dragged in sunday.I NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO ABOUT MUSIC I LISTEN TO who isnt an adult.i have memorized talk dirty to me because it is one of or my favorite poison song.i want to see poison and def leppard cause i love both bands but ido not think anyone knows i like either band that much.

good song | Reviewer: Natasha
    ------ About the song Something To Believe In performed by Poison

this song is not my favorite poison song but its not bad.i will listen to anything by poison even though i'm 12 and i will love it.reminds me of every rose has its thorn in some ways.i don't really like softer songs as much if that band has really awesome songs that aren't soft (talk dirty to me for example).for some reason that doesn't apply to KISS and certain bands like motley crue and def leppard.wierd.i think i don't like this song as much as the rest cause its kinda sad.for some reason armageddon it by def leppard makes me a little sad even though i love it.

i LOVE this song!!! | Reviewer: Natasha
    ------ About the song Talk Dirty to Me performed by Poison

probably my favorite song by poison if i had to choose.don't know if my mom would like me listening to this beacause i am 12 in a couple days and i know she wouldn't let me show the video to my 6year old sister.my other sister probably wouuld say its wrong or innapropriate and half like it.heard it on the radio few days ago.hopin for unskinny bop cause i listen o it on guitar hero bbut wiis broke.my six year old sister loves nothin but a good time and she says she LOVES poison but she hasnt heard many songs by them and is still really little.

Only Mmmm nothin more | Reviewer: Xal
    ------ About the song Every Rose Has Its Thorn performed by Poison

Mmmmm wat a song man reminds me very much of love tats tru N also of ta tyms wen i wasnt even born,.. Oh ta 80's man.. Luv it... Journey, warrant, mr.big, poison, def leppard, bon jovi, man wow very much my luvd ones.. Wishin to mak someting lik those songs they make.. Watch out..

one more thhing | Reviewer: Natasha
    ------ About the song Nothin' But a Good Time performed by Poison

when my littlest sister watches the video with me at the end when the guy has his mouth open and is shakin his hhead she does the same thing and its really funny when she does it.

military | Reviewer: vickie w
    ------ About the song Something To Believe In performed by Poison

coming from a military family from different wars,and the war in
Iraq and Afghinstan sometimes make me wonder if the war over there is ever going to come to an end, so our u.s.troops can return home to their families again.

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