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Lynyrd Skynyrd Poison Whiskey Lyrics

Last updated: 11/23/2011 10:00:00 AM

(Ed King - Ronnie VanZant)

Daddy was a Cajun baby, raised on Southern land
So my kinfolks tell me, was a street-fightin' man.
Well, they rushed him down to see the doctor
well the doctor just checked his head
The only thing thats wrong with him
was,Johnny walkers Red
He drank ole poison whiskey
and it killed him dead.

It happened back in the bayou baby many years ago
Satan came to take him and he did it real slow
Well, they rushed him back to see the doctor
Yeah the doctor just shook his head,
"Twenty years of rotgut whiskey
Done killed this poor man dead."
He drank ole poison whiskey
And it killed him dead.

Take a tip from me, people... brothers can't you see
Ain't no future in ole poison whiskey.
They're gonna rush you down to see that doctor,
Yeah the doctor gonna check yo head.
The only thing he's gonna tell ya baby
"Stop drinkin' Juohnny walkers Red
Don't drink poison whiskey, don't you drink it boy.

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