Poets Of The Fall Lyrics

The story of Poets of the Fall begins in 2002 in Helsinki,
Finland, when singer Mark and guitarist Ollie, coming from
differing musical backgrounds, started writing songs
together. "We'd been jamming together in a group all year
long, and we'd seen during that time that our styles meshed
together nicely, so we started co-writing our songs." Later
on producer/musician Captain joined in all the fun and

The name, Poets of the Fall, comes from the idea that two
opposites form a whole, ie. there isn't one without the
other. More...

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Reviews about Poets Of The Fall songs

Savd me review | Reviewer: Shivam
    ------ About the song Save Me performed by Poets Of The Fall

The song's about running from your own self where you don't have control over the circumstances due to which you are changing yourself to a person you don't want to be . This is clearly evident in the line " I'm my own worst enemy".

Bloddy Awesome | Reviewer: Breno
    ------ About the song Locking Up The Sun performed by Poets Of The Fall

I heard this song for the first time when I saw a YouTube video about Tommy Jarvis, from Friday the 13th series. This song is so good that I almost like it better than "Crawling", which I consider THE song.

tooo good | Reviewer: Anirudh
    ------ About the song Late Goodbye performed by Poets Of The Fall

In my opinion, this song talks about the mistakes which the writer has made in his life, and how he unable to correct himself in time.

Although there were warning signs all around, he chose to ignore them and continue doing whatever it was that he was doing, knowing fully that it was not the right thing.

Since he was so late in correcting himself, it's almost as if no matter what he does, his past is sure to catch up with him.

Right at the end, he expresses a strong will to fight against all odds (till his trail goes cold) although he believes that it's probably going to take the remainder of his life. Nevertheless, he wants to keep trying...

little more add | Reviewer: Beau
    ------ About the song Shallow performed by Poets Of The Fall

at the end it goes on with...:
a little no text with aya alala...
then comes the chorus again 1 more time

not much but I thought lets tell u that... =)

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