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Necro Poetry in the Streets Lyrics

Last updated: 12/22/2013 06:29:37 AM

Peep the killer shit
Death murder rap shit
Check it

The press runs to tape-record the bloody mess
Documentation so the human race can study death
They'll reach you through your TV speaker
They'll feature a creature that will beat you to death if he could meet you
You're executed when you’re electrocuted
Who's responsible for a homeless man that's dead and smells putrid
We murdered your natural flesh after being thrown in a river
You will be frozen forever into a statue of death
A grasshopper in the lab dead
Stabbed in the head
Knives are like the hands of a crab
Jabbing your flab till you wrapped them and bled
Throw you off a building
Killing off your children
Drilling' holes in your corpse till you're spilling the color vermilion
We'll split your brains
I'll slit your vein
The impact of a bat cracked across your back is like getting hit by a train
I'll stick a fang in your blood bank
Then strangle my shangle bangle you like the triangle piece of bangle
I think my shit's too brutal for most
I might be the only one capable of digesting the dose
You won't survive a screwdriver driven inside your throat
Choke on blood and saliva another conniver croaks

It's poetry in the streets of the big apple
And a vitality found in few other places
But look beneath the surface of the city
And you shall uncover a seething cesspool of human emotions
Gone sour
A planet with nightmares that become reality
Witness the brutality
There's poetry in the streets of the big apple
You get tackled
And grappled to the floor, white slaved up and shackled

I spit on your grave, piss in your mouth, and shit on your face
Grind you into slop meat and serve you to your friends
We're moving bad taste
Another brutal shooting rampage
Turning humans to ashtrays
Groupies to crack slaves
And boobies that lactate,
Squirting mad milk, I never have guilt
I have krill's, I'll have you fags killed
In front of your mom and your dads grill
Splattering both of them
With pieces of your exploding head
Brain fragments staining' clothing red
I make you love the pain, it hurts
We make music for drug addict pieces of shit that love the dirt
It's psychological
I'm like having a rifle shot at you
We're not the type that smile at you
We're the type to body you
Slit your throat with a broken bottle
Pieces of jagged glass stabbing' you through your fucking eyeballs
Have you swallowing cyanide screaming die whores
Watch it kill your physical first, next your minds lost
Leave you in the funeral home you make a fine corpse
Got you splattered across the walls when my nine talks!
Murder you execution style like a crime boss
Travel through time and terminate you like a cyborg
My mentality's grind core


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fags | Reviewer: gorehammer | 12/21/13

Just listen to the fuckin' music and enjoy it. Shut the fuck up and quit bitching you little cunt faggots. He loves metal, and rap, so he collabs on it, and he does it well. Same with Ill Bill, Mr. Hyde, fuck dude even the juggernaut himself Vinnie Paz. While Necro has NOTHING on Vinnie P and JMT, his music I respect, and will ALWAYS be a fucking fan. Serpents, and Tyrants for life.

Necro is a chump | Reviewer: FucktheWorld | 10/29/13

Necro is a chump with idiot lyrics that don't really mean anything because their sole purpose is too gross you out and mentally 'brutalise' you. These lyrics alone

"A grasshopper in the lab dead
Stabbed in the head
Knives are like the hands of a crab
Jabbing your flab till you wrapped them and bled"

I mean seriously this shit is so toy.
Now Ill Bill on the other hand - he is nothing but class
"We make music for drug addict pieces of shit that love the dirt
It's psychological"
At least he speaks the truth, necro is too stupid to speak any truth as he's too busy trapped in his own twisted mind trying to get across a notion that is honestly too fucked up to even contemplate. That is why he was never in non phixion.

Necro should have been a serial killer / rapist.

Grindcore | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/10

Na guys Necro's lyrics ain't half as brutal as you think, check the lyrics of the death metal and grind core bands that influenced him, now that's brutal. Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Obituary, Sepultura, all the good shit I got into Necro through bands like that and he's a step down, but an awesome musician all the same big props to him.

wow | Reviewer: Daddy Dank | 10/29/09

All of you are dumb. Necro is a genius. He has the sickest and goriest lyrics ever put out publicly. Thats what he does. How are you gonna call him an idiot and then say hes a talented artist!? your an idiot.

Poetry in the Streets | Reviewer: Tawsif C. | 2/28/08

Amazing song, but I do not think the lyrics are the best suitable for this song, could've spoke more of the struggles and issues of everyday life from different perspectives. But this is a great song, great lyrics and great beat

NeCrO | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/07

Necro is a fuckin idiot, but his lyrics are unheard of. He is such a talented artist it is hard to believe he is so frowned upon

RaINBOWS! | Reviewer: Tomi | 4/8/07

i love rainbows because rainbows are fun! Looking at rainbows makes me want to hug and kiss everyone with a willing and kind heart ^^. Are you nuts becase i'm nuts do you like nuts because I like nouts all this talking about nuts is making me want some nuts so i'm gonna go frab some now! RAINBOWS ROCK!!!