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Though originally from New York City, Poe spent her
childhood years on-the-move - Europe, India, Africa, and
points all across the U.S. - as her mother and Polish-born
father traveled to wherever the work led them. Some
locales proved inspiring, while others left her feeling
alienated and alone - Provo, Utah among them: What can I
say? It was a desert for me in more ways than one. The
mountains were beautiful, but the Mormons took one look at
my Sex Pistols T-shirt and decided I was satanic," she says
with a laugh.

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two versions | Reviewer: denise
    ------ About the song Hello performed by Poe

Other websites list about four more paragraphs, about trigger happy jack, a rape, a psycho, etc. The shorter one this one is one the album. Am guessing longer one was written for Stir of Echo's.this version is half the length. Anyone know?

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