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As Jason Perry explains, "The new album’s about being more
specific. Getting down to earth. Applying our faith and our
message to real life, to the ways that people live

"It’s just much more us," enthuses Nate Cole, "On 10 out of
the 12 songs, at least one of us has a co-writing credit.
We took a lot more ownership creatively. It’s a real move

"And everyone was really open to the changes. The label’s
in complete support, as are the producers," adds Jeremy
Mhire. "The album’s much more personal, down to the fact More...

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Reviews about Plus One songs

Thank you | Reviewer: Jojo
    ------ About the song Going Crazy performed by Plus One

Thanks for actually getting the lyrics right! A lot of other lyrics websites fail to see that the songs is about ones relationship with God and not being able to survive without him in ones life. Many people miss this point and think the song is about a relationship between a man and a woman. Thank your for getting it right, and it is also an added bonus to see which parts are being sung by which band members.
Very nice job. :)

Whenever You Need Somebody (Duet w/ Natalie Grant) | Reviewer: nuh-dinn
    ------ About the song Whenever You Need Somebody (Duet w/ Natalie Grant) performed by Plus One

i think this is a really nice song, and can really help with those who are suffering like a breakUP or a breakDOWN, if you know what i mean.

I need six Copys | Reviewer: Ashley Lederer
    ------ About the song O Little Town Of Bethlehem performed by Plus One

I need six copys cause Me and My friends are going to sing this song

let me | Reviewer: Phionah
    ------ About the song Let Me Be The One performed by Plus One

nice lyrics,please send them to my mail box using the e-mail address above.

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