Plus 44 Lyrics

Craig Fairbaugh Guitar
Mark Hoppus Vocals/Bass
Shane Gallagher Guitar
Travis Barker Drums/Keyboards

Plus 44 is a new band consisting of Mark Hoppus and Travis
Barker of Blink-182, Shane Gallagher of The Nervous Return
and Craig Fairbaugh of The Mercy Killers. The group got
it's name from the international dialing code to the UK,
because it is where Mark and Travis first discussed doing
the project.


"At first, we had the idea that it would have a lot of
electronic More...

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Review about Plus 44 songs
review | Reviewer: K
    ------ About the song Little Death performed by Plus 44

I think it's about a girl, unknown, who's contemplating committing suicide. And he's saying it won't make a difference in the large picture. It's not worth it, so just sleep tonight and things will be better.

An answer for you, darling! | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Little Death performed by Plus 44

Most of their songs are for Tom or ill feelings regarding the break up.

I think he only wants the girl to rest for a while. To tell him the truth about what happened.

I think it's still for Tom. The "car crash" is about the break up. How time passes little for the both of them.

The chorus is obvious. He wants Tom to tell him the truth....


Lycanthrope! | Reviewer: Wendigo
    ------ About the song Lycanthrope performed by Plus 44

I absolutely adore this song! You can definately tell it's Mark's voice. It's really easy to recognize, which I love.
This song's lyrics, though, are much deeper than most of Blink's songs, which is sort of nice.
I love the title, too, and even though the lyrics weren't likely inteded to be about lycanthropy, it really nails what trying to live as a werewolf may be like, from how I think of it.
Two thumbs-up for Mark Hoppus!

Bittersweet | Reviewer: Candy
    ------ About the song Chapter XIII performed by Plus 44

I think this song is amazing, and to me it gives both sides to the bittersweet notion that is first love. The 'ideal' is not usually what you get, so the song goes "Is this what you imagined?" To me that's a powerful line. The lyrics are both beautiful and sad in a way, and as long as the song is, I will always listen the whole way through, which for me is often hard, as I have attention-deficiency problems. :)

no it isnt | Reviewer: blinkkkkk
    ------ About the song No It Isn't performed by Plus 44

and now all our dreams are cashed in
You swore you wouldn't lose, then lost your brain
You make a sound that feels like pain

deffffff about tom . tom lost his brain. and his ava songs are the sound of pain. haha

to tom | Reviewer: ...
    ------ About the song No It Isn't performed by Plus 44

i think its the best song from the album. i like it a lot cause i liked blink a lot and this song gives u an idea of what mark felt during the break-up.
its called "no, it isn't" cause everytime people'd ask mark if the song is about tom we'd say "no it isnt"... thought its pretty obvious the song IS about tom. just a tip for those who dont know

little death for moi | Reviewer: bree
    ------ About the song Little Death performed by Plus 44

i really like this song but is it asking for her to die or stay alive? uhh i wonder who this darling is in this song? can anyone help me?

I love this song | Reviewer: Kat
    ------ About the song Make You Smile performed by Plus 44

It's so true and pure in that. From meeting to parting, with little things unnoticed and almost painful desire.

about baby come on plus 44 | Reviewer: natasha
    ------ About the song Baby, Come On performed by Plus 44

i so totally love this song because i am goin 2 see them in concert

Great!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Make You Smile performed by Plus 44

This is a great song, my favorite on their CD. It's really cool how they are doing like a duet? haha..I like both of their voices a lot, great music too..

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