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For Plumb, trying to stay on top of things has been a way
of life. Since Tiffany Arbuckle, now Tiffany Lee [married,
Oct 2000], and her band gelled together shortly after the
recording of the first self titled album, and then hit the
road in 1997 and 1998 with multiplatinum-selling labelmate
Jars of Clay, all the while watching Plumb sales climb to
over 100,000 units out there, life has been one wild ride.
Now, with the release of a sophomore project on Essential
Records, she and the band sound as though they've had a
moment to catch More...

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Reviews about Plumb songs

To Anonomous (12/30/08) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cut performed by Plumb

Dear Anonomous,

I feel very sorry for you.
You are obviously troubled and no doubt have issues in life
that you find yourself unable to deal with. Maybe you even had
someone very close to you experience what's described in this
song and was unable to deal with it. I understand your anger
and frustration that things like this happen, but that does not, in
any way, give you the right to leave a message as horrible as that.
Do you think it's going to help anyone? Do you think anyone who
reads that is going to go: "Wow, he's so right. I'll stop now!" of
course not. Also, I'd like to point out that persecuting the religious
beliefs of others, even ananomously, is despicable.
Please, deal with your own problems and anger in a healthy way,
instead of blaspheming on the Internet.
Thank you,

Someone who has lived this song in the real world.

To 'Anonymous' | Reviewer: haley
    ------ About the song Cut performed by Plumb

Dear Anonymous, I cannot tell if you are simply vouching for attention from the reviewers or if you truly believe in what you are saying.
First, I ask you about swearing in every sentence. Is it really necessary? Is it supposed to help your argument? Is swearing supposed to help make the reader feel like you are an educated, decent person? Not in the world I grew up in.
Second, if people really are 'pretending' that they are cutting themselves in their reviews, you do not need to contradict them. People who pretend are vouching for attention, as well, and by cursing the blue streak your entire review, you are giving them what they want. Attention.
Third, most people don't gain much by 'faking' that they're cutting themselves on the internet. In fact, most people don't announce to the world about fake problems. The people who do have a harsh life are immensely insulted by you insinuating that everything they say is a lie. By writing it on the internet, people who do find themselves living a harsh and darker life find comfort in feeling that they are not alone in their struggles. I am not someone with a bad life, but not everyone lives a pampered, easy life, and anyone with emotions should understand.
Furthermore, I point out that 'emo' doesn't equal 'cuts themselves'. That in itself is extremely stereotypical. 'Emo' can be considered a style of clothing, a preference in music, a pattern of emotions, whatever, but no one should judge them for who they are.
You wanted attention? You got it. I sure hope that you aren't shouting what you did to everyone you meet. I also would wonder if you'd dare to say what you did to someone, face to face.
I'm done. Plumb's song is sad, but people can understand it. Very sad and dark, but well written and sung

whatever ... | Reviewer: gina
    ------ About the song In My Arms performed by Plumb

This is a beautiful song no matter the wording or the lyrics...the world is in complete chaos over B.S. and we can still sit here and argue over the tiniest imperfections.Wake up and get real,the only perfection is the LORD almighty!!!

... | Reviewer: Ruby
    ------ About the song Cut performed by Plumb

Quite simply, this song makes me cry every time I hear it.

I've been through the cutting myself stage, and I know how hard it is to break free of it. Even now, after months of resisting, it still calls to me - especially now that me and my best friend aren't talking to each other. It's hard to deal with it all alone.

Chaotic Resolve | Reviewer: Brandon Smith
    ------ About the song Cut performed by Plumb

This is a great song. i can feel the emotion in every lyric she sings. and if you have anything negative to say about the song you shouldn't piss and moan about it because people actually go through this conflict and its not funny or a game.

Jesus is real | Reviewer: jeffy
    ------ About the song Who am I performed by Plumb

it was true that i am nothing in the front of my great great savior Jesus Christ. He know me already. Thats why i love him so much. This song acts as a great significant in my life. have a great morning enjoy listening the song. God bless u all.. ^ ^,

Anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cut performed by Plumb

I'm so sick of hearing this BS 'I cut myself' 'I'm a cutter' blah blah blah! Shut tha fuck up! This crap never seemed like a wide-known problem, until it wuz turned into a trend, fashion, and 'ur not cool unless your EMO!'
Yeah, there are people w\ a problem like that! But ur NOT 1 of them! If u were, u wouldn't parade ur problemz around on MySpace, to ur friends, and every FUCKING PERSON IN THE WORLD! Get a life! The only reason why you think u 'need' it iz because you tell yourself that you do! I hate all of you! Just shut up! If emo people were so 'suicidal' then why aren't you all DEAD!?!?!?


amazingly true | Reviewer: alexis
    ------ About the song Cut performed by Plumb

this song is amazing... i cry hearing it... many times where i would have been on the cement bleeding... or in my room cutting... been put in mental hospitals... had thearopists... everything... it never helps... cutting amy seem the way out. think before you do things. you'll regret it. end up as broken as i am and many cutters that have been addicted for years

First two lines of the chorus | Reviewer: Diane
    ------ About the song In My Arms performed by Plumb

I've listened to this song about a million times and I believe the first two lines of the chorus are:

Clouds will rage on (not rage in)
Storms will race in

I could swear that is what she sings, and it also doesn't make a lot of sense lyrically to have both lines end in the same word? Just my 2c.


suicidal | Reviewer: Kasey
    ------ About the song Cut performed by Plumb

I love this song i'm involved in self injury i cut myself a lot when i'm mad i have a lot of scars on my arms and i hate them i'm gonna say this right now who ever self injures please because it's an addiction and it's really hard to stop.

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