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"I'm not tryin' to impress anyone on how hard my struggle
was, or how messed up the conditions were where I came
from," says Plies. "I feel like most of the people in my
situation come from the same type of background, the same
type of environment."

Hailed as "one of the realest niggas you will ever know,"
the Ft. Myers-based rapper has already established a
phenomenal underground and street presence on the strength
of his infamous mixtapes and live show. Plies is a real
life block hugger who happened to learn how to tell his More...

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Review about Plies songs

Real 5tuff | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Runnin' My Momma Crazy performed by Plies

Mane I was locked uP & my momma had my Bak wit no doubt I love that lady 5o mukh ill die for her I was 18 at da time now 19 when I leave ta hang wit ma 5et I know 5he Be 5kead 5he da 1 who 5howed me how to treat a girl not my daddy he walked out (koward) nah I got 2 lil kid5 LJ & Neil Jr. ima try mah Be5t & every lil 5treet nikka needa listen ta Plies

the way u lie | Reviewer: maria
    ------ About the song I'm So Hood performed by Plies

i dont kno wat it is i can tell you wat it feels lik its lik a nife in ma gin pipe i cant breath but i can still fight while i can fught as long as wrong feels right its lik im in a fight hi of a love drunk from the hate is lik in liffing and i sufercate the more that i surr and u resusicate me you fukking hate me and i love it where u going im living you no u aint come bak here we go again when its bad is afful i feel so achame i put hands on her i guess i dont kno ma own strenght u ever love some one so much u can berrally breath when u with them u meet and either one of u kno wat hit the that puffy feeling yeah them chills used to get them now u fuking sik of likung at them ............

PLIES - DIE TOGETHER | Reviewer: Abel 21 Galvan
    ------ About the song Die Together performed by Plies

his the hardest song and it heart felt no bitches and money no cars. just putting out there friends is friends but being brothers is a blessing especially when shit go down you stay true. i cant be artistic in the lyrical aspect but Big UPS to Plies. i dedicated this to my big bro and my lil bro and stay G'd up 2one for ever and even tho im the lightest one i got that BROWN PRIDE tatted on my chest and we stay down for each other. thank you Plies. you tha MAN.

Pussy Ass Crackers | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Friday performed by Plies

i kno dats right fuck the fuck the police cause all of em' probems they give niggas time then when it come down to them crackers dey act like the so damn innocent and give them lil petty time but they take good niggas away from they kids and family. They took my bro away for life they put him under the prison.And they still aint got the verdic and he been locked down for 15 years for a copout and they tryin to give him life.

It really make someone retaliate for wrongs dey've done to their mommas.tobycow | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Runnin' My Momma Crazy performed by Plies

Whenever i listen thiz song icnt help bt remember how many tymz i bin disrespectiful to her without even care.wel if ugt to rid thiz, am really sorry mom & ur the best mom i've ever had in my lyf.luv u mom

mama | Reviewer: thug
    ------ About the song Runnin' My Momma Crazy performed by Plies

i feel you on your song, not a day that goes by when i walk out that door that my mom don't worry everytime she hears a helicopter going around she calls me or when she see's a popo gaffling someone she automatically thinks its me. Thanks for your teal lyrics Plies...

mad deep! | Reviewer: akalah
    ------ About the song Runnin' My Momma Crazy performed by Plies

wen ii fiirst heard thiis song ii jus wanted to cry my cousiin jus got locked up for a murder and iits so sad...and my other cousiin all he thiink bout doiin iis runniin tha streetz and he was stabbed twice...and ii kno he thiink hiis ma aiint worrin but i kno she really iis kuz hes got to kidz and ik she wouldnt want them liike hiim...pliies keep iit up these yung brothas need to really listen to thiis song!

A thnks 4rm Mrz G3org!@ P3@ch! | Reviewer: Raven coker
    ------ About the song Street Light performed by Plies

plies i just want to start off by saying plies you have inspired me i love your music you will always be my favorite rapper no matter what.i love every thing you do and dont let any of these hatters bring you down
P.S. contact me at the above e-mail or 251-487-6219 love you

This song is real talk | Reviewer: KiaraT A*K*A K-Baby
    ------ About the song 1 Day performed by Plies

Ay This song is real. What i mean by real is this song remind me of my homeboy named D. He died in his house. He was down for whateva. And to all tha fuck niggas who say plies is shit.fuck all yall hoes.plies the realest nigga you'll eva meet

Bust It Baby Pt. 2 | Reviewer: kelly
    ------ About the song Bust It Baby Pt. 2 performed by Plies

it waz great i luv dis song!!! plies is soooo sexy and neyo got dat great voice so dats y dis song is so good!!! if u dont like dis song den dont worry bout leavin no comments cuse u stupid and no1 wanna hear wat u gotta say!!! :) :)

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