Plies Albums

  • Da Last Real Nigga Left Album (1/17/2014)
    People Dem
    Lawd Knows
    Fuck Nigga Fee
    When I Die
    Neva Had Shit
    Bend It Over
    EeryThang EeryThang
    Jumped Off Da Porch
    If She Gon Fuck
    Keep Pushin
    Money Bag
    I Remember
    Still Goin
    Baking Soda
    Know What She Doing
    Up Da Road
    Whip It
    U Mean 2 Tell Me
    Ain't Gotta Lie

  • On Trial 2 Album (11/8/2012)
    Mean Muggin
    Makin Playz
    Paper Cutz
    Low Miles
    True Colors
    Yeen Really On Dat
    Big Faces
    A Couple Bandz On 'em
    My Bitch
    Real Life
    Baby Momma Pussy
    Save Dey Self

  • Purple Heart Album (5/1/2012)
    Just (The Tip)
    With You

  • On Trial Album (5/1/2012)
    Go Off
    Anything 4 My Niggas
    See Nann Nigga
    Can't Let Em Bury Me
    Ball 4 Dem
    Feet To The Celing
    Not A Game
    With You
    Fucks With You

  • I Fuck With The DJ Album (5/1/2011)
  • Aristotle (Ar•is•tot•le) Album (5/1/2011)
  • Goon Affiliated Album (5/25/2010)
  • No Chaser Album (5/1/2010)
  • You Need People Like Me Pt. 2 Album (5/1/2010)
  • You Need People Like Me Album (5/1/2010)
  • Da REAList Album (12/16/2008)
  • Definition of Real Album (6/10/2008)
  • The Real Testament Album (8/7/2007)

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    Reviews about Plies albums

    The album title says it all | Reviewer: George Yanni
        ------ About the album Da REAList performed by Plies

    I was very suprised when i heard this album for the 1st time. Lyrically the its tight with some very heavy lyrics. This album is very ghetto. Tracks like (gotta be, (co defendant),(plenty money), (family straight) are very real to life tracks. which can relate to any one thats from the ghetto. Personally i think this is Plies second best album released to date apart from his debut album (The testament).

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