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Saosin Plays Pretty For Baby Lyrics

Last updated: 07/02/2011 11:00:00 AM

I feel her smooth skin slightly
brush against the back side of my arm.

I need the song started over
Your crying made me miss my favorite part.

I hear the exclaimation point!!

(Chorus 1)
Her eyes are so there [doo doodoo doo...]
They're greener...

Lay back, the song is almost over
I tried to hear you out but I dozed off.

I need the song started over
Your crying made me miss my favorite part.

Rachael, it's times like this I wonder!!

(Chorus 2)
Your eyes are so there [dee deee dee...]
They're meaner...

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ANTHONY fucking GREEN | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/10

the reason why everyone loves this song is because of ANTHONY GREEN! yes, he colaborated with zolof and yes he was in saosin. And now saosin sucks without him in the band and plays pretty for baby wouldnt be so damn good if it wasnt for anthonys amazing voice!!
have a nice day :)

it's the voice that makes this song awesome... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/09

I don't like the regular zolof songs, because I don't like their singer. The singer from saosin has an amazing voice and makes this song awesome. :)SO really, you can't say that saosin didn't "make" this song. Because they made it what it is. :)

It's ok | Reviewer: Eyeless | 7/25/09

Dude it's ok this really is fr0m z0l0f but sa0sin has s0me c0ol s0ngs t0o.. Like the wh0le translating the name ep, i can tell and m0okies last christmas all of w/c are fr0m anth0ny green.. New sa0sin fuckin sucks!!!

it's by zolof the rock and roll destroyer and not saosin? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/07

dammit...this had been bothering me for a while. im really sad because the only reason saosin became my favorite band was becuz i thought their song was plays pretty 4 baby. that is my favorite song. but now that i discovered it's by zolof the rock and roll destroyer. im devastated. but it's truth and i need to face it. saosin DID NOT perform plays pretty for baby. they had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. zolof the rock and roll destroyer WROTE PLAYS PRETTY FOR BABY. NOT saosin. dammit...that was reely hard to do. but it's the truth.

Zolof the rock and roll destroyer | Reviewer: nate | 8/23/07

Saosin did NOT write or perform this song
Anthony Green colaborated with zolof the rock and roll destroyer for this one song and it's actually their song... nothing to do with saosin at all

gah | Reviewer: lauren | 8/7/07

omg this has really been bothering me.... was this done with zolof the rock and roll destroyer? i believe it was on one of their cds as well....

either way, this song is amazing i love it

---about plays pretty for baby | Reviewer: madison | 7/12/07

oh my jesus this song freakin rocks my fucking socks off!!!! i love it so much! i listen to it for hours!!

Saosin Fanatic | Reviewer: Don Tan fivestarsoffailure(ABCDE) | 7/6/07

yeah yeah yeah,,,cove,,some of his songs is great but ANTHONY GREEN,,he's way way greater than cove,,and the new saosin?most of the songs n the new album doesnt fit on their genre,MAINSTREAM,not cool, Slash slash slash,,,
Hi Bandmates and brother bands:hi Fivestars of failure(Haru,kim,ram,ian,Chascore([my co-hardcore vox]] AMLB,YESO,, That's all,,

<3 | Reviewer: Jee | 6/28/07

I frikkin love this song!!! This is my fave song ever..Just love it!!


Anthony Green | Reviewer: Jessica | 6/3/07

Technically this isnt saosin. It is anthony green FROM saosin originally but this is just his solo work.