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Planetshakers Limitless Album

Last updated: 01/20/2013 05:07:12 AM

Release Date: 01/15/2013
Tracks in Limitless: Let Praise Awaken, Put Your Hands Up, Limitless, Your Name Brings Healing To Me, Great Is Your Love, This One Thing, The Anthem, This Is The Day, I'm Gonna Praise, O My Heart Sings, Rain, You Are Stronger, Rise Up

Limitless Album Tracklist

Limitless – the latest release from world-renowned Australian praise and worship band, Planetshakers, is making waves as their best album yet.

It has already had more than 170,000 views prior to its international release, when a sneak preview of their first ever film clip (made to accompany the title track) was made available on YouTube.

The album consists of 13 incredible tracks including the powerful worship song “Your Name Brings Healing”, dance party praise track “Let Praise Awaken” and “The Anthem” - the updated full version of one of Planetshakers most powerful songs.

This album is a true reflection of the heart of Planetshakers, which is to see each person have a personal and powerful encounter with our Limitless God.

*CD & DVD Edition is only available in AU & NZ.