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Planet VI Biography

Last updated: 09/05/2012 12:55:59 PM

The Hip hop/R&B duo Planet VI (formallyRock City) are no strangers to the music scene. The Grammy-nominated duo have been working behind the scenes for years, penning songs for superstars like Rihanna, Chris Brown, Justin Beiber, Usher, Enrique Iglesias, R. Kelly, T.I., Jennifer Hudson, Iyaz, Yelawolf, Ace Hood, Flo Rida, DJ Khaled, the Pussycat Dolls, Mario, Sean Kingston & more! Now ready to bring their own talents to the forefront, the versatile duo has rebranded themselves as Planet VI (pronounced Planet 6)…

Hailing from St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Planet VI is comprised of brothers Theron (akaUpTown AP) & Timothy (aka – A.I.). They have created a sound that blends Caribbean twangs of consciousness, street struggles and island life with a hip-hop/pop appeal. Born to perform, the duo started honing their craft at an early age, winning local talent shows by the age of 10. They used their prize-money to help pay the family’s household bills. “First and foremost, we love to perform,” states Timothy. “And when we play, we’re getting a lot of love from the people in the streets.” After achieving incredible local success in the Virgin Islands, Planet VI landed in Atlanta, where they began writing songs for other artists. “We had always been writers for ourselves. Then my brother and I, were like, hey, let’s try to write for other people,” remembers Timothy. They quickly placed their first song “The Rain” for Akon via his DJ, Benny D, and in a short time, they penned a staggering number of tunes for a wide variety renowned artists. “We built a lot of relationships, got cool with a lot of people, networked and found ourselves at a lot of doors we never thought we were going to enter. When we started doing the writing thing, everybody started messing with us,” says Timothy.