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Denying the lying
A million children fighting
For lives in strife
For hope beyond the horizon

A dead world
A dark path
Not even crossroads to choose from
All the blood red carpets before me
Behold these fair creations of God

My only wish to leave behind
All the days of the earth
An everyday hell of my kingdom come

The first rock thrown again
Welcome to hell, little Saint
Mother Gaia in slaughter
Welcome to paradise, soldier

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My first cry neverending
All life is to fear for life
You fool, you wanderer
You challenged the gods and lost

Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
Save yourself and let them suffer
In hope
In love
This world ain't ready for The Ark

Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
Save yourself and let them suffer
In hope
In love
Mankind works in mysterious ways

Welcome Down
To my
Planet Hell

Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
Save yourself and let them suffer
In hope
In love
This world ain't ready for The Ark

Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
Save yourself and let them suffer
In hope
In love
Mankind works in mysterious ways

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Shut up and enjoy the music | Reviewer: Christine | 6/28/12

I like both Tarja's Nightwish and Anette's Nightwish. Because it isn't just the female singer who makes Nightwish Nightwish, it's the band which does. And Marco is brilliant here.

Welcome to Planet Hell!! | Reviewer: Kenni | 3/29/12

Great song, it is probably referring to the common knowledge that mankind is it's and the Earth's own worst enemy love it :3 but seriously can we all just drop the Anette VS Tarja drama it's so annoying and tiresome

welcome down to planet earth | Reviewer: gothic St'Clair | 1/24/12

heya yall
Well NW is my favorite opera metal band...
Tarja is legendary, I believe she brought the band where it is. Though its a Gothic genre, the lyrics are outstandingly well done. But yes, new faces is something we got to expect. And accept. Welcome to planet earth... Its going to happen everywhere and anywhwere. Keep it real guys.
Jean Marks
South Africa

Fantastic song | Reviewer: Danae?! | 8/29/11

Let's get it out of the way: yes, I adored the Tarja Era and I do not like Annette's voice in Nightwish at all, as it sounds like a more poppy kind of voice. I'm not saying she isn't a good singer, I'm saying that I prefer Tarja's voice in the context of Nightwish.

ANYWAY. I love Marco in this. His voice kicks ass and I love the duette going on with him and Tarja. I would kill for either of their voices. The beautiful thing about this is that the lyrics go excellently with the sort of Gregorian semi-chanting in the beginning, and it's a very interesting effect.

Oh come on... | Reviewer: L | 4/24/11

Really? Can't everyone shut up about Anette vs Tarja? Personally, I loved Tarja and still like listening to her. Haven't gotten into anything Anette has done with Nightwish, but I'm not saying she's a terrible singer. It's like comparing apples to oranges. Both too different to accurately judge side by side. Tarja gave Nightwish their distinct sound, now they sound like everyone metal band with a female singer. Not something I like, but I'm not criticising Anette, she's talented.

Also please people, spellcheck your writing... it gives me a headache reading what you write.

Either way, I adore this song, one of my favourites.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/11

I love this song so much haha =] Marco needs to do more of this!
It's a shame Tarja had to leave, but you do realize she was planning on leaving anyway? She wasn't devoted to the band at all anymore, she always wanted her own solo career and now she gets to have it. They only kicked her out a little early so that they wouldn't have to make another album with someone whose heart wasn't in it anymore.
Yeah, she's an amazing singer and she made th band very unique. However I don't feel that Anette has turned the band into some 'pop thing' XD
They could not have continued to work with Tarja. That's out of the question. But what do you think would have happened if they'd hired another classical singer? People would accuse her of trying to be Tarja. It would be awful.
Anette is not trying to be Tarja. She's doing her own thing, and if the band changes a bit it's because she's a different person! All bands need to try something new at some point and I really think that Nightwish made the right decision. However, it's not any of our jobs to decide whether they made the right decision!

Go To Hell! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/11

People, stop insulting Annette!!!! She's awesome! She isn't an opera singer, but just because she sings a slightly different style, that doesn't make her bad!

Personally, i only got into Nightiwsh because i liked Dark Passion Play so much i had to give Tarja a shot. I now like them both equally.

If you don't like her, either don't dis her, or go to hell.

New to it.. | Reviewer: Newbie | 12/3/10

Actually I never heard about Nightwish before,my country doesn't have metal fans AT ALL.Evanescence is more pop than Nightwish,but I really really respect Nightwish more than Evanesence because of the lead's voice.And yes,both leads,Tarja AND Anette.They are both alot more vocally strong than Amy Lee in my opinion(But I still LOVE her)but they are both TOTALLY different styles.Dont' compare them.I do think emo is a genre but I don't think Nightwish is or was emo.I love they're songs,very chilling and deep but with Anette's voice it makes it more approachable to younger generations,like me.Im a newbie to this band,but these are my first impressions.

Tarja v. Anette | Reviewer: Lan | 11/26/10

Trja is her own person, Anete is her own person. Both are very good singers. I don't get the haters, I ADORE Tarja since I listened to her way before I ever actually found Nightwish. Anyway, I personally find Anette a good switch since Tarja left/was fired/quit. Though not Tarja's saprano, she doesn't try to be a saprano. They have songs like Escapist where they are just as amazing as Dead Boy's Poem, so, seriously, it is okay. No, Nightwish may not be the same as it was before, but if you listen to Tarja's singles, she doesn't sound all metal-rock either. As a matter of fact, she has ver soft, soothing songs like Boy and the Ghost. So, in all honesty, you can whine about Nightwish with Anette since Tarja has also changed her scene.

.....we all understand ,,,,its sad..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/10

Hey people c*mmon no body can be replaced....lets say you are in a band and for some reasons you are fired den they try to get another singer, they find it, ouk now nobody said that they wanted to replace you C*mmon i'm sure Tuomas didnt meant to be seen as if he wanted to replace Tarja, He did mentioned that he just wanted a different vocals style,, plus D0NT compare Anette to Tarja they both are really unique in their voice!!! (its like if you wanted to compare a shark and a crocodile) c*mmon it just doesnt make sense because both are powerfull, and its really stupid from us to be comparing them both because we all know that Tarja was 1000000000000000000000,0000000000000,000000000 times better dan anette but not because of that means that anette is bad...she is actually a pretty great singer!!!!...............ouk my point NO body can compare a S0PRAN0 with a MEZZ0 S0PRAN0!!!!! C*mmon its just rediculous!!!!........but apart from that yes i do agree that Nightwish was a very wonderful unique band with Tarja's voice,,,,but in this case we are no one to judge either The band, Tuomas, Tarja, or Anette......C*mmon people,,Work with me here!!!

alfalfa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/10

the reason why people hate annette (i dont hate her, i stopped listening nightwish since she came, but i really understand haters)is because now nightwish isnt the same metal band it was before. now it has turned into some kind of pop thing.... just like evanescence. okay for the genre lovers, but real nightwish isnt with annette. real nghtwish is metal with tarja's powerfull voice.

nooo | Reviewer: Andrew Michaels | 8/14/10

Nightwish is and was more popular than Evanescence. Let's admit it, Nightwish is better than Evanescence, compare Amy Lee's voice with Tarja's from the old albums, or even with Anette's... Evanescence is a little child, but Nightwish is a grown up band.
And let's reckon than Nightwish makes songs for Anette's voice now, and they're still great! So fuck off Anette haters, if you don't like her, don't listen to new Nightwish!

This song rocks! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/10

Hey, the person who said that this is impossible to understand without the lyrics. If you want something impossible to understand--and it's in English--listen to Impending Doom. They're really bad. I call them Impending Headache, lol. (Sorry if you're a fan.)

This is a great song. I love the mythology references and the's all good.

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/10

this is a great song, it's true that Nightwish will never be the same
but it's Nightwish, and Tarja isn't Nightwish, they all are
Anette is great singer
and if you are real fans you will respect Tuomas and the rest of the bands decision
Nightwish forever <3

GOSH! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/10

For your information Amy Lee (lead in Evanescence) is a thousand times better than Nightwish! I like both bands but in the end who was more popular? That's right the so called "emo band". Crap like this makes my blood boil. Stop calling crap Emo it is not a FREAKING style!!!

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