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Plan B (Real name Ben Drew) is a rapper from Forest Gate,
London. He is signed to 679 Recordings, home to fellow UK
rapper The Streets. His unique sound is characterised by
his use of acoustic beats and lyrics involving drugs, rape,
murder and underage sex. He was placed fourth in the BBC's
"Sound of 2006" competition.

His controversial lyrical content has seen him dubbed "The
British Eminem", but he says he is "just telling a story"
and that he is "just trying to portray something that's
real that happens in everyday life". These More...

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Review about Plan B songs
Plan B destined for greatness | Reviewer: Gaz
    ------ About the song I Am The Narrator performed by Plan B

This boy is on a train and NOBODY is gonna stop it,its only destined for 1 place....,GREATNESS!!!!!!!

ieven if u dont like him as an artist,you have to respect where he has come from & how he has managed to write an album which shows all faces of growin up on a council estate surrounded by drugs & dealers...but he isnt glamourising the lifestyle,he's showin it for what it is...,
I didnt like Strickland Banks...,but i LOVE ill manors & the narrator is my favourite track.

Gr8 song | Reviewer: Mohit
    ------ About the song Welcome To Hell performed by Plan B

For the first time i heard this song ,it was on very bad music system ,but i couldnt stop myself frm singin it for several days,check the live version for the real feel...nd whenver u r stuck in boregasm u can just remember the song to make the scene easy.....

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