Plan B Albums

  • Ill Manors Album (7/23/2012)
    Ill Manors
    I Am The Narrator
    Drug Dealer
    Playing With Fire
    Deepest Shame
    Pity The Plight
    Lost My Way
    The Runaway
    Great Day For A Murder
    Live Once
    Falling Down

  • The Defamation Of Strickland Banks Album (4/12/2010)
    Love Goes Down
    Writing's On The Wall
    Stay Too Long
    She Said
    Welcome To Hell
    Hard Times
    The Recluse
    Traded In My Cigarettes
    Darkest Place
    I Know A Song
    What You Gonna Do

  • Who Needs Actions When You Got Words Album (6/26/2006)
    Sick 2 Def
    No Good
    Dead And Buried
    Mama (Loves A Crackhead)
    I Don't Hate You
    Tough Love
    Where Ya From?
    No More Eatin'
    Missing Links
    Couldn't Get Along
    Who Needs Actions When You Got Words
    Rakin' The Dead

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