Placebo Lyrics

Placebo are an alternative rock band formed in London in
1994, currently consisting of Brian Molko, Stefan Olsdal
and Steve Forrest. To date, they have released six studio
albums, six EPs and twenty-seven singles. The band have
gained a considerable amount of international recognition.
They have sold over one million albums in the UK[1] and
over ten million worldwide.

Thus far, Placebo are best known for hit songs such as
"Nancy Boy", "Pure Morning", "You Don't Care About Us",
"Every You Every Me", "The Bitter End", "Twenty Years", More...

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Review about Placebo songs
Deep song | Reviewer: Steve
    ------ About the song Pierrot The Clown performed by Placebo

This song is so deep, i mean this reminds me the love of my life.
I dream about her
I dream about the pain of loosing her

For me is non literal, you can put the meaning that you want to the song.

I miss you

most realistic meaning shock the song isnt about a crippled person | Reviewer: Anin
    ------ About the song Special Needs performed by Placebo

this song is about an older person(maybe 28) who is in a relationship with a younger person(19) because of thier situation(depression or some other personality disorder) maybe a bit addicted needs a drink or drugs or something to get through a day (special needs) and the younger person doesnt seem as bothered by it like a say 28 year old might eg "where are you going with your life" and a relationship with a younger person is just easier but unrealistic ergo SUCKERS DREAM as it doesnt work out and the younger person goes on to be great without them and the older person just melts away into their own self destruction with just memories. the nosebleed reference along with others is just a hint that the younger person ends up successful in the entertainment business and potentially ends up in the same situation as the older person by the same age. only thing i can't work into my theory is the 6 months part but it could be a really specific reference maybe a short prison\jail sentence as a result of maybe the relationship ending because of physical abuse or a possession charge.

The Brilliance of PLACEBO | Reviewer: Paul M in Ct.
    ------ About the song Blind performed by Placebo

This song Blind, among many others shows the complete brilliance of this band! I love their heavy,slow moody songs like Space Monkey,Sleeping with Ghosts,Blue American,In the Cold light of Morning and Follow the Cops Back Home..and this one-Blind!Their lyrics are so cool n thought provoking and Brian's voice is so cool and perfect for their music..such as the likes of Robert Smith of "The CURE" who is a God and a musical genius(Brian obviously loves The Cure and if u get the double cd of MEDS there is a video of Placebo and The Cure playing together and Brian bows to Robert Smith wish is so cool and shows his admiration for them) as well as the lead singer in "The Silversun Pickups" who are unbelievably awesome as well..check them out too-my 3 favorite bands.But a great voice that fits the music is paramount and all three bands I mentioned have IT!!!
Brian's voice is so unique..almost winy at times but I love it cause its so emotional and perfect for their music..some of my friends hate his voice and I say to them..u try and sing those songs better..really.. or think of anyone who could sing Placebo songs like Brian can..he can sing low and high,scream and shake his voice a bit in the song Lazarus but it is always in TUNE and in KEY which is so hard and only a talented singer no matter how strange or different their voice is,,can do that(the lead singer in The DEFTONES is pretty cool and amazing too even though he screams a lot but so moody and gorgeous)..its unique..not bad..anyone who doesn't like them doesn't appreciate good different music even if its not your style!Placebo can do no wrong with me and I Love almost every song they do but I have my favorites..a lot of them!They sing about love,hate,sex,drugs,angst(anxiety,anguish and dread) and there's not a song of theirs that anyone couldn't relate to.
Bands like placebo come along once in a life time-I'm so glad I am alive now to experience them! Pj

My sweet prince | Reviewer: Syd
    ------ About the song My Sweet Prince performed by Placebo

Chasing the dragon is in fact a reference to drugs. Specifically heroin and opium.
Brian molko said that song was about drugs and the relationship with someone he knew. The relationship between those two and that it almost ended in tragedy. My sweet prince is what she used to call him. And it's like she's talking to him in this song

But it can personally mean anything to anyone depending on how it relates to that person's life

I think this is about someone with a personality disorder. | Reviewer: Violette
    ------ About the song Song To Say Goodbye performed by Placebo

Over my life, I have known over a dozen people like the one described as being saved in this song and they all had one thing in common: they all had borderline personality disorder or some other personality disorder. The drugs usually end up as the icing on a shit cake.

dealing with pain. | Reviewer: May
    ------ About the song Running Up That Hill performed by Placebo

I really don't know why, but this song makes me think about my daily stuggle against chronic pain. Maybe I could make a deal with God and swap places with the ones who cannot understand me.
PS: sorry if i wrote anything wrong, english isn't my main language.

Placebo at their best. | Reviewer: Dimitris
    ------ About the song Every You Every Me performed by Placebo

This song is about greed and its consequences in a relationship. "Sucker love" is unfortunately very prevalent, especially in our age, where 80% of relationships are only a pretext for the sex. No love anymore. We have destroyed love and it's been replaced by our animal instict. Only sex counts. As Brian Molko says "sucker love I always find, someone to bruise and leave behind". Gives me the shivers, so I can't help thinking it's their best song.

weird odd and addicting | Reviewer: pieholic
    ------ About the song Running Up That Hill performed by Placebo

in the part where they go "Be running up that road, be running up that hill, be running up that building," I keep expecting the beat to grow faster and faster, but it just returns......

Good Vibes! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Running Up That Hill performed by Placebo

I love this mashup! It always puts me in the most marvellous of moods especially because of the 'Love comes calling, whatever you do' mix part. When one of my friends is in trouble, or I can help in some way, I like to feel that I can play a small part, in that I (as a kind of part of Life), can come and give some kind of help. Similarly, when someone has treated me badly, and I feel pretty wretched, I feel that there is a lot of love in the world and there might be enough for other people and me as well. It always brightens my day up! There is loads of Love and I feel really happy at the thought that I might be able to bring something of it to someone who doesn't expect it.

been there so many times | Reviewer: el
    ------ About the song In The Cold Light Of Morning performed by Placebo

well yes, the drunks are yawning and party is slowly turning down.. but the cocaine user are still awake, high, staring at the mirror and seeing a face that he doesn't recognise.
kinda like that

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