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FORMED: 1986, Boston, MA

The Pixies centred around vocalist/guitarist/songwriter
Black Francis. Born Charles Thompson, he was often an
outsider at school as his father moved between pub jobs.
Contrary to the themes of some of their songs, he was never
much into the actual beach-surf-sun lifestyle of

As Charles grew up, he learned how to play rock ‘n’ roll -
learning piano, drums and guitar, and finally taking bass
lessons from an uncle.

He learned to sing from the cousin of his employer at the
time - a More...

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Review about Pixies songs
Fantastic | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Gigantic performed by Pixies

The original is a hugely popular song with Pixies fans and one of the best in their live set. It's more than 25 years old so suggesting that they "rethink" something is a bit off the mark. Given that they are still touring after all these years, playing big festivals and filling quality venues, they must be doing something right.......

This song needs help | Reviewer: RDawson
    ------ About the song Gigantic performed by Pixies

I had heard a bit of this song on the iPhone commercial and thought it sounded great, then I looked it up on the internet sung by the pixies and not only does it sound awful the lyrics are not even spelled correctly and the singer is very off key. The music sucks compared to the commercial,the only instrument that sounded good is the drums. The lyrics do not match, the songs wording if very bad compared to the repeating of gigantic and a big big love. If they would rethink the lyrics and lean to play their instruments i could possibly be a hit.

rebuttal | Reviewer: Tambra G.
    ------ About the song Gigantic performed by Pixies

I think the former reviewer missed the fact that the song is supposed to be a bit jarringly off key. It's a counterpoint to the disturbing nature of the relationship that is being witnessed.

Near perfect~ | Reviewer: S.J. Scott
    ------ About the song Gigantic performed by Pixies

Singer is original, fresh, top quality, almost a Natalie Merchant feel.
Les Paul gold top is way off tune. Band is tight, drummer has a Ringo simplicity but dead on. Ditch the gold top's off key embarrassment and these kids will go far. Can't wait to hear more... This tune sucked me in like a vacuum.

a bit more about this song | Reviewer: Dane Walker
    ------ About the song Debaser performed by Pixies

It's true that the song refers to the film "un chien andalou". However, the original lyrics were "I want to shed! appolonia", which was a reference to the girl in Purple Rain. So there :)

Caribou???!!!!????!!!!???????!!!!!?????!!!!!????? | Reviewer: Jangle and Jingle
    ------ About the song Caribou performed by Pixies

I don't understand how anyone can take the inherent ambiguity a given song and apply it to this song. This song is about Caribou. Likely it's specifically about santa's subartic reindeer which were all sticken with serious personality disorders according to the DSM IV (2000).

Santa created the Caribou to be free and live happily save for one horrible and precarios night of the year when they would become airborne vehicles of endowment to the terrestrial apes of this planet.

we are chained | Reviewer: Mia
    ------ About the song Hey performed by Pixies

I believe this song is about a love triangle. The guy is longing, desperately yearning for a woman he can't have (the lady); he's in love with her but outside forces (must be a devil between us) prevent them from being together, he's chained to her emotionally because he loves her (and possibly she loves him back) and he wants to be with her but he can't. On the other hand, he's chained to some other woman through a baby, he doesn't love her but here he's chained to her and possibly married to her because of the baby so there's pain all around. Uh! could be the sound of pain.

review | Reviewer: rachael
    ------ About the song Hey performed by Pixies

this song is about a couple who love each other more than anything , but have completely fkd their relationship up and cant fix it. the devil is used as a metaphorical figure in the song and has manipulated the couple with whores ,sex and pleasure and is the reason for all the wrong doing on both parts. They are chained no matter what and now can not escape their love for one another .. The devil in the song causes all the bad sources of pleasure eg : the whores in his bed and his head - the devil put them there hypothetically. still even tho the whores will still and always exist and the man cant help this , he will still be chained with that woman he still loves no matter what. 'Mary aint you tired of this uh uh? all night and the whores like a choir all night uh uh ' they meet up every time ' the couple ' for the same reason 'sex' just like the he does with the whores and the experience sounds the same with both the whores and the woman he loves, but its very different and is painful and sad as he cant escape the love he feels for that woman - 'uh is the sound that mother makes when the baby breaks ' . to sum it up the so called devil put a spell on a couple in love - where they can be together and love each other but they will never be truly happy. no matter how unhappy they are , or how much they hate , cheat and hurt each other they will always come back to one another. the man also admits to all the sleeping around , so the woman knows about the whores every night. ders no way out of it , and the situation had gotten so bad that they cant make the relationship happy or pure ever again. the fact that the love is so strong they cant escape it either . either way it is a no win situation on both parts. Its quite a sad song , but goes to show how strong and painful love can really be.

carro | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hey performed by Pixies

I think it´s about a man that loves a woman, but he is afraid, of love, of showing his feelings to the woman, that she will leave him like everybody else. That´s the devil.
He tries to fight he´s feelings so he sleeps with whores, but he can´t forget her. They are chained.
He knowes she is tired of him sleeping with all the other women, so he let her go. That´s the sound that the mother makes when her baby breaks, that´s also the sound of pain.

More to it. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Gouge away performed by Pixies

There's no doubt that this is based on the myth about Samson, however I refuse to believe that's all.

There are alot of other Pixie songs with biblical references, and usually, if not always, it uses the references to debate a more current subject. A modern issue, explained with a biblical metaphore.
What this subject or issue if you may might be Im not sure. But it is probably found in litterature about the band or in interviews with the band members.

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