Pixie Lott Albums

  • Pixie Lott Album (8/4/2014)
    Lay Me Down
    Break Up Song
    Kill a Man
    Ain’t Got You
    Heart Cry
    Raise Up
    Leaving You
    Cry and Smile

  • Young Foolish Happy Album (11/11/2011)
    Come Get It Now
    All About Tonight
    What Do You Take Me For
    Nobody Does It Better
    Kiss The Stars
    Stevie On The Radio
    Everybody Hurts Sometimes
    Dancing On My Own
    Love You To Death
    Bright Lights (Good Life) Part II
    You Win
    We Just Go On
    Til The Sun Comes Out
    The Thing I Love
    I Throw My Hands Up
    Black As Rain
    Paper Planes
    What Do You Take Me For? (Remix)

  • Turn It Up Album (9/14/2009)
    Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)
    Cry Me Out
    Band Aid
    Turn It Up
    Boys And Girls
    My Love
    Nothing Compares
    Here We Go Again
    The Way The World Works
    Hold Me In Your Arms
    Use Somebody
    When Love Takes Over
    Without You
    Rolling Stone
    Want You
    Silent Night

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