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As the world prepares itself for the millenium,
Pitchshifter have already leap-frogged into the next
century. The sound of their new album
'www.pitchshifter.com' is a new sound - the sound of
technology used to create maximum chaos.

While the rest of Europe meandered along in a mire of
mediocrity in the early 1990s, at home in Nottingham,
England, Pitchshifter were planning a new wave of
technological insurrection. Signing to cult label 'Earache
Records' in 1992, they unleashed their 'Submit' mini-LP
onto an unsuspecting scene. The More...

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Submit Pitchshifter New Lyrics

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Live Fast & Fuck All | Reviewer: David von Moger
    ------ About the song Genius performed by Pitchshifter

This song is fiendishly rock - out enjoyable. Its a prime slice of Industrial Metal on the arguably most quality album of there career. Though 'Deviant' had relevant punk - uprising type rhythms and thoughtful lyrics, www.Pitchshifter.com is confidently productive in the experimental rush of the songs sounds alone and Genius is a great rev - head type example of this. Like so many great songs it lyrically does not have to consist of much lyrically to be great fun, as it is so straight forward. It was this song that first turned my head to this favourably progressive Industrial outfit and i thank the 'Test Drive 5' video game intro for this. This intro does hint the theme's though somewhat (if its fair to say) to that of 'Fuel' by Metallica.

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