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If you ask most outsiders about the origins of 'Crunk', they usually point to Atlanta, thanks to the pioneering efforts of artists like 'Lil Jon' and 'DJ Smurf'. Close, says up and coming Southern rapper Pitbull, but no dice. Crunk really started down at the bottom.

"Crunk really got started in Miami, with bass music," he said. "Crunk ain’t nothin’ but bass music slowed down. And bass music got started here in Miami, with 'Luke', 'Poison Clan', people like that. Miami is the New York of the South. And even after all the success we still get slept on, but that’s about to change."

And Pitbull is at the forefront of that change, rolling with the Crunk movement’s premier label - TVT Records - home to super producer/artist/impresario 'Lil Jon', as well as zany Dirty South duo 'Ying Yang Twins', who, between the two of them, have dominated the airwaves over the past two years. Pitbull, is on the way to following-up their success with his debut, M.I.A.M.I. (Money Is a Major Issue). The 23-year-old Cuban-American verbalist has more hardcore lyrics, diverse cultural influences and freestyle skills than most artists would not know what to do with. With that much in his corner, success is a given.

Part of that comes from his upbringing, not to mention his surroundings. Miami’s cultural landscape is one of the most cosmopolitan in the world and Pitbull draws on it’s rich environment for inspiration. "I’ve lived all around this place," he said. "That’s one thing people don’t realize about Miami -- we have all kinds of people down here. I have lived around people from both here and overseas. So early on I learned to appreciate different types of music."

Pitbull’s nickname belies the hunger and drive that he brings to his profession - making it to the top is more than just a goal; its an obsession.

Despite his relatively tender age living in Miami has given Pitbull as much life experience as someone twice his age. He got his culture early, almost before he even discovered Hip-Hop. His parents, both first generation Cuban immigrants had him memorize the poems of legendary Cuban poet, Jose Martí. This ritual instilled in him an early appreciation for the power of language, as well as the importance of his Cuban roots and looking beyond his own experience for inspiration.

While a lot of 'Sunshine State' (Miami) rappers focus their hip-hop attentions strictly below the Mason-Dixon line, the teenage Pitbull’s wide interests led him to classics like Nas "Illmatic" and G-Funk blueprints like "The Chronic" and "Doggystyle." Soon he was developing the freestyle skills that would later earn him fame, flooding the Miami streets with mixtapes (like his latest, "Unleashed Volume 3").

After missing connections with Irv Gotti - a chance meeting brought them into the same studio, but the planned recording session never happened - Pitbull turned to home base for his entry in the game. In the late 90s, he was tabbed by bass music legend Luke to flow over his hit single "Lollipop". " I am grateful for him, not just because "Lollipop" did mad business all through the south,” Pitbull says. “But because he helped me learn the ropes of the business."

Pitbull’s next stop was with the producing/management team of the Diaz brothers, which led to a working relationship with Lil Jon, and a freestyle slot on Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz’ double platinum album, Kings of Crunk. Both relationships culminated with co-production of Pitbull’s debut single “Culo”, which is heating up the charts throughout Florida and the South.

On the eve of his debut, Pitbull explains why he signed with TVT Records, “They let me know I could have my hand in the pot. That’s a good feeling, and it lets me know I’m going to have a long career in this game.” [source: TVT Records record label]

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My life married to a Potlitcal Prisoner of the 1980 boat lift | Reviewer: Dianna Barrios | 12/29/12

My name is Dianna Barrios, when Iseen your behind the music Ican relate to your life. My son "Carlito" is only 17 with a great future but my abuse with his dad is bad. He admires you but I want to be a better mom. Seems as though I am the mom and the dad my hsuband is 57 still parties and puts his son second. He has been to jail several times, but I cant change his mindset today I decided to get domestic violence counceling. I am scared of trying to make a new life. I always return. I am younger then my husband and just a young mom when I meant him 20 years ago. I want Carlito to love his dad but there is no connection there. Sad and confused

happy place it is | Reviewer: mal from oz w,a, | 12/24/12

your stuff is different, the moves the the happy smileing face ,and why not. sing about partying girls boats money etc ,xmas is not a happy time for me anymore , i watch your clips i get it. im smileing and singing loud ,time is yours . long live the pitbull.

dude u r d bst.......... -shubham shinde | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/12

dude u r d most great rapper i've ever seen in ma life. Dude, u r 2 kul.....n jst keep it on.
Wish u to sing more rapps n bcm more famous.
Dude i admire u.
Wish to meet u once in this life...................

i love u pitbull | Reviewer: esra | 2/10/12

Let me start by telling u i love u with all my heart and that u r 1 sexy chico i absalutely adore u señor. Keep doin what u do best. i freakin love love love u. im from australia by da way hope 2 c u down under soon :)

im Iranian | Reviewer: simin | 1/23/12

Hi im simin im from iran you know all of my friends say that its better to love some body that is younger but i cant forget you because you remember me "Dreams work".i wanted to learn more about spanish language.i just wish to see you some day in some where i wish that you just send me a"hello"to say or realize my friends that you are not like another ones.i wish you send me a....pls

I love u more | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/11

Ok so I love your music soo much and I think u are soooo cool ok u r such a sexy bitch lol that's good lol u turn me on when u talk about los Hispanos porque you soy hispana y te amo hahahha estoy muy young para to hahaha pero nadamas me interesa tu music I love you soooo fuken much haha

te amoooo pitbullll i luv u to death!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: hAzZ | 8/20/11

he is soooo hot and sexy and i just luvvv his blue little eyes!!!te amo pibtulll!!!!!!! ur the best singer ever i know and memorized all ur songs almost and i have em all on my lap and cel. i worship him!!!! (L)(K)pitbull
i luv his song rain over me nd give me everything nd hotel room service ...they rock and as uuuuuu armando a.k.a pitbull :P lol
kisses 2 u pitbullllllllllllll!!!!!! i luvvv him did i mention tht? :) (L)(L)(L)

Analyze, Concise Point (composition).. | Reviewer: Elizabeth Fierro | 6/9/11

Your Harmony is In CompliAnce With OTher NaTiOns ExecuTing Funds Making
lirycs The DenominaTinG FaCtor....
Cubans Are Not UsUalLy A STrateGy HaVe You NotiCed, WhaT An Ability
tO HaVe ChaNged ThE WoRld. SaFeKeep iT AlL ReservE yOuR FuTuRe,
iNsErT inTellEctuAl InTerVals cOnsTrue iT aLl......
commerse Your SeLf Much MoRe In ViDeos, RememBer Its" YouR PlaNet...

pitbull Ur My Idol | Reviewer: Jazzy Fizzle | 4/2/09

First Off Let me make it clear 2 ya.Pitbull iz not puerterikan lol he's cubano..lol..ya spit aout pitbull this & dat but ya dunt evenn know where's he's from or where he comes from. Anyways 2 day april 2009 I met pitbull life..lol at the dfw airport right in front of my job.(subway) lol he likes that chicken bacon ranch anyways pitbull I luv ur ass and your music is inspiring keep doing your thing just like I told u.muahz I got our pic on my background lol sexy..write bak if u rememba me lol.

i want to meet u someday | Reviewer: emily morales | 12/24/08

iight first of all i got all yo cd's im crazy over yur songs i love them all...damn tehy make me want to go crazy and dance,,i love it when u speak english in dis crazy songs u got and then when u speak spanish im like ayyyyoooo lol its soo hot like man i hope i get to meet u someday that would b soo awsome i think id probably pass out o sumin u r amazing u have songs that r so inspireing like "blood is thicker than water" and so many of the pther ones anjolian stars or w. her name is..i listen to dat song all da time when mi madre got cancer is made me want to just keep ging like da words it say and when mi grandpa in cuba die i listen to dat song and it also just keep me going i love yur music soo much and i hope u email me back that would b awsome if that cld happen..also yur music can make yur day go amazing like when u have a bad day and u tunr o song on like toma or culo ayyy damn papi lol dat just makes u want to get all loca and dance i love yur cd el mariel and the boatlift i love those to cd's da most or da 305 miami..but ya im out so i hope sometime u can emial me back that would b awsome...i love u like yo amazing....adios

Sexey Chic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/07

Pitbull u are so talented i love your music im gona keep it real wit you im not like these other freaks out there im a straight hood gurl 4rm dat southside ya HEARD ME!

Sexey ass mother chuker! | Reviewer: Vicmar Gonmor | 12/13/07

Pitbull u are so talented i love your music im gona keep it real wit you im not like these other freaks out there im a straight hood gurl 4rm dat southside ya HEARD ME!I LoVe YoU pItBuLl!

Sexey ass mother chuker! | Reviewer: Vicmar Gonmor | 12/13/07

Pitbull u are so talented i love your music im gona keep it real wit you im not like these other freaks out there im a straight hood gurl 4rm dat southside ya HEARD ME!

yo te amo pitbull | Reviewer: amanda | 12/5/07

i luv him to death. im black but i understand spanish. i don't really dance either but he makes me wanna shake mi culo when i hear his songz. i love his english songz but whwn he speaks spanish it turns me on

Pitbull..yo te amo! | Reviewer: - | 9/26/07

Dude, pitbull, i gotta say he is un sexy latino. he gets it poppin, and his music is hella good! i love dime, pitbull ft ken y. dat is my favorite song ever. yo te amo pitbull!

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