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At 5'3 with blue eyes, flamingo pink hair and an extreme
personality to match Pink was born on September 8th 1979
under the normal name of Alecia Moore. An R&B artist from
the notorious LaFace Record label (home to ToniBraxton and
TLC) her influences include Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston,
Madonna, Eminem and her father. Although, as an adolescent
her style jumped from one extreme to another e.g.
skateboarder to rave child to hip-hopper. This probably
explains her self-confidence and rebellious nature, she has
seen a lot and done a More...

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Review about Pink songs
Thank you | Reviewer: Alex
    ------ About the song Who Knew performed by Pink

Thank you, a thousand times over. Whenever I hear this song, I sing, and it has become a sort of consolation for all the people I've lost, most recently my other half. I miss you, Rose. Love you forever. "That last kiss I'll cherish, until we meet again"

Absolute slay | Reviewer: Julia Ferreira
    ------ About the song Cuz I Can performed by Pink

I'm a huge Alecia 'p!nk' Moore fan, and I've listened to all her music. Cuz I can stands out as the best work by her in my eyes. <3
This song fits my personality and to say the least it's super catchy. When the 'I'm not dead' album was release in '06 this was the song that stood out amongst the rest. I'd start chanting "ice cream ice cream, we all want ice cream" the only other songs on that album that had me hooker were Stupid Girls and U + ur hand. Lyrically, she knows how to state her beliefs, and tells it like it is. I like that about her, she's showing honesty, and I respect that dearly in her. None the less, Cuz I Can is the best song in the world, and I'm a little upset it didn't get airplay rights in Canada.

This is why I love her so much | Reviewer: Mila
    ------ About the song Dear Mr. President performed by Pink

The one thing about Pink that I love is that she's fierce and not afraid to speak her mind. She had a problem with the president and how he was running things, so she let him know about it. That wasn't the first time she's ever done that kind of thing. Remember her song "stupid girls" ? This wasn't a song ranting about Mary-Kate Olsen and Paris Hilton.. It was what she thought was wrong with the people today. Again, SPEAKING HER MIND. don't pretend you never ranted about something you wished could change. I Love You P!nk

A Rock Star Made! | Reviewer: A Random Person
    ------ About the song Funhouse performed by Pink

P!NK is a great artist with a attitude for her own style. no one has ever mentioned that she has her own style. Although she is a Rock Star some of her songs are meaningfull like this song fun house evn though i have no blimin clue of what it is but it must be about her life and things that other people can relate to 'cause that is what a good artist must do right?!

p!nk | Reviewer: lauren xx
    ------ About the song Just Like A Pill performed by Pink

i love this song it plays an important part in my heart coz i have been played many times and everytime i do get played this song gets me back on my feet and the first song that is played x LOVE U LOADS P!NK XX

Can-Cer-vive with Try | Reviewer: Elma Botha
    ------ About the song Try performed by Pink

There were times during my chemo days that I thaught this is it, no more!! ....I didn't had the energy to get out of bed to start my day or to speak or just even to breathe a breath!! Then I just turned on my radio and listen to music. When I first heard this song TRY , I burst out in tears when she sang the lyrics "it does'nt mean you're gonna die, you gotta get up and try, try , try....." This song helped me to stay focussed, it helped me beat cancer, especially the words I just quoted!! For others, it had a different meaning I suppose but for me,(besides my faith in GOD)because of TRY, it made me a CAN-CER-VIVER!!Thank you Pink for this awesome song!!! You will never realize how much value there is in the lyrics of this song!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Familys love n drama | Reviewer: Nikki
    ------ About the song Family Portrait performed by Pink

Wow to think of all that,that Pink went through at a young age all that drama she was able to find her voice n say "PLEASE DONT LEAVE" I wasnt able to even walk,talk,sit up at that time in my life when my parents split up every single TIME I listen to half of Pink's songs it makes me wanna cry cause i know that I can PERSONALY relate to somewhat of what Pink went through Im almost 15 an i dont even know the tipe of man my pop was or know his character its so sad to see that alot of kids,teens,an young adults have to relate I just wish that people could work it out -FOR THEIR KIDS!!!!!!!:(,so that there kids doesnt have to go through the heart breaks I,we,went through.... IF U CANT DO IT FOR YOURSELFS THEN DO IT FOR YOUR KIDS SAKE!!!!!!!

i dont get the song?:| | Reviewer: jazzy
    ------ About the song True Love performed by Pink

what does this song mean?does it mean you love the guy but you hate him at the same time?but i still love the song.its a catchy song and i love the chores.all i have to say is i dont get the song but still love it

You make me sick | Reviewer: Lara Nittinger
    ------ About the song You Make Me Sick performed by Pink

Yea pink , men r all the same , u kick Ass girl................;) keep up the awsome work u do , like what u quoted about girls don't have to be thin skinny n carry name purses , that's right do it for yourself n live yourself not society -AMEN

feeling it and finding me punkrocker | Reviewer: JERRY
    ------ About the song Family Portrait performed by Pink

This song gets deep man real deep i feel so bad for pink i have even started a little campaigne at my school just to raise money for pink even though shes a millionair she needs more money theres just not eneough money in her bank account and we should donate more and donate now and heres my link.

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