Pink Floyd Lyrics

FORMED: 1965, London, England

David Jon Gilmour
United Kingdom

Born March 6, 1946

Has 7 children....Sara, Clare, Alice and Matthew by Ginger,
Joe and Gabriel by Polly, and Charlie who is Polly's son by
a first marriage.

In contrast to Roger, Dave was reared by permissive and
easygoing parents. At 13, he was given a Spanish guitar by
a neighbor and so the journey began. Dave's greatest
musical asset is his sense of feel and timing, according to
one former member of Jokers Wild, and to some present day
fans, we would have More...

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Review about Pink Floyd songs
Transcendence | Reviewer: John Murphy
    ------ About the song Sorrow performed by Pink Floyd

One of the most amazing songs and beautiful guitar renditions ever performed. David the poet master lyricist guitar savant leads us within one song from expressions of despair to actual nirvana of the soul. By holding pain and sorrow instead of deflecting it we may attain transcendence and enlightment...find our true selves, the soul. Sir David the Master.

Memories | Reviewer: tony
    ------ About the song High Hopes performed by Pink Floyd

The first time I heard High Hopes I felt as if I had been transported back to my youth. This song spoke to me as if it new my lifes story. Growing up, I was fascinated with how things worked and why, to me the lyrics speak of a simpler time, with out all the technology and a true sense of our surroundings, The song brings me great peace and I love it!

The One That Got Away | Reviewer: Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Member 529
    ------ About the song Wish you were here performed by Pink Floyd

Everyday I think about Stacey. Her likeness follows me, reminding me she did exist in my life. "It's not the length of life, but the depth of life." RW Emerson. Every time I watch the beginning of UP, I remember you and feel knives in my throat. I remember the day we held hands, the day we kissed, the day we made love... I remember the day I had to choose between you, and another girl, I chose the other girl. And there is not a day that goes by that reminds me, that I should have made the other choice. Years and years go by... last I heard she was having a baby.

It is not "Childish bangles too" | Reviewer: David
    ------ About the song Summer '68 performed by Pink Floyd

I believe the above referenced lyric is incorrectly characterized as a lyric. The consensus has always been that this lyric is actually "Charlotte Kringles' due." This would make perfect sense considering the rest of the lyrics and the theme of the song.

On a personal note, Summer '68 is one of my favorite Rick Wright on lead vocals song. RIP Rick!!!

Taking the subway Fearlessly | Reviewer: Twojakemal
    ------ About the song Fearless performed by Pink Floyd

What a great song to listen to on the subway to work in NYC. Nothing makes you feel better than listening to the sound and words while surrounded by the rudest human beings on the f*n planet

The Reason Composers Don't Tell People What their songs mean | Reviewer: SAM
    ------ About the song Comfortably numb performed by Pink Floyd

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart originally wrote most of his works without a tempo AND THEN WENT BACK after the metronome was invented and added tempo markings. This showed that composers changed the meanings of songs all the time. IN orchestras, we change what the composer was first thinking of when playing how we want to. Good music can be interpret more than one way. Imagine a soundtrack with a horse racing. The hooves are clacking and it only brings a stale image to mind. But when everyone can relate to music, it is more interesting. That is what bands want.

Cited in a Suicide Letter in 1980 | Reviewer: Jim
    ------ About the song Goodbye cruel world performed by Pink Floyd

First let me say I love Pink Floyd. I was first introduced to them in the 70's with Dark Side of the Moon. (What an Album).
On December 8, 1980 my older brother left this world and cited this song in his suicide letter. He was a big fan of Pink Floyd too, and in particular The Wall Album. I'm not sure if anyone else has had the same experience. My dear brother was troubled (21 at the time). The world had been cruel to him. Really Cruel. The Wall spoke to him in some way I've never understood.

So if anyone else out there has had a similar experience (someone leaving us citing this song as their farewell), you are not alone. Long live Pink Floyd!!!

Unfortunately, the lyrics here are wrong. | Reviewer: Floyd Fan
    ------ About the song The show must go on performed by Pink Floyd

The second verse is NOT on the original album. And I do not recall ever hearing/reading them elsewhere.

And for the comments about "him", yeah this has been a running joke about Pink Floyd for ages. Even made it into the song "Money". "The band is just fantastic. That is what we really think. And by the way, which one's Pink?"

Take some time to listen to the backtracks instead of judging the band according to their most "popular" hits. And do not neglect to check out some of the newer (older) stuff like "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" or "The Division Bell". Awesome stuff unless you are among the less cerebral of musical aficionados out there.

Missing Piece | Reviewer: Loverboy
    ------ About the song Wish you were here performed by Pink Floyd

Once I had a GF, she lived like 100Km far away (not much, but enough to keep us apart by some long times) and whenever she wasn't good she gave me a phonecall and started singing this song while we were talking, and sometimes I did it to her house at late night just to hug her and make her feel safe. But all of this changed when she had to move to Australia, (we're southamerican)and she kept singing this to me when on skype talks, until some things happened and we've never talked again (12 hours of time difference aren't easy to stand) So whenever I hear this song, all I want is to go to australia by swimming if needed, just in order to see her smile again.

Another songs that strikes me hard is "nobody home" I guess after reading this you might easily notice why. Greetings! and thanks for reading :)

Pure Poetry | Reviewer: SaraY
    ------ About the song Echoes performed by Pink Floyd

Amazing how words can be important to the song itself.
And this time, a part from the obvious and flawless musical perfection one can tell the difference between a jam session and an IDEA. The idea here developes as something that has life in itself e rattles off like a waterfall of pure poetic images.

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