Pink Floyd Lyrics

FORMED: 1965, London, England

David Jon Gilmour
United Kingdom

Born March 6, 1946

Has 7 children....Sara, Clare, Alice and Matthew by Ginger,
Joe and Gabriel by Polly, and Charlie who is Polly's son by
a first marriage.

In contrast to Roger, Dave was reared by permissive and
easygoing parents. At 13, he was given a Spanish guitar by
a neighbor and so the journey began. Dave's greatest
musical asset is his sense of feel and timing, according to
one former member of Jokers Wild, and to some present day
fans, we would have More...

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Review about Pink Floyd songs
The Wall | Reviewer: Kenna McTerence
    ------ About the song Comfortably numb performed by Pink Floyd

I agree with an earlier comment that a song becomes public content and that you can interpret it anyway you want. But if you still feel like you haven't yet 'got it' then surely you also want to listen to, and read the lyrics to, the album as a whole. If you haven't done that, that's where you start! And then there is also the movie.
Write lyrics yourself and you will see that suddenly double meanings pop up for which you are not sure whether you can take credit for or not. It's quite magical really.
If you are here because you feel like you are comfortably numb, my advice is to seek beauty (the wall is not as real as you think)

Wow | Reviewer: Sam
    ------ About the song In the Flesh (II) performed by Pink Floyd

How do people not understand this's basically a skit, from the point of view of an asshole..on yourself a favor and take some more acid and watch the movie again.

another brick in the wall part 2 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Another brick in the wall (part 2) performed by Pink Floyd

One of the most important songs written. It tells us that we are being used by the "world establishment" to keep up the status qou. We're pawns in their game.

Inspired music | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Country Song performed by Pink Floyd

The music of Pink Floyd is very inspired. It comes from beyond the mind and gives you a hint of true love/the Present. If you are a truth seeker, google truth contest and read the Present. it is an mind-blowing (literally) book.

best gig ever | Reviewer: ian
    ------ About the song The dogs of war performed by Pink Floyd

Over the years I'd seen some big and not so bands play and after 'the final cut' was released my heart sunk upon hearing that it was to befloyds last album

Cow Beats | Reviewer: Jim
    ------ About the song If performed by Pink Floyd

Old Floyd, drugs not necessary, only imagination/mental imagery. Loved Atom Heart... B-Side,"If", excellent tune to shout out on the guitar by campside fire, or while in the bath, or both, if that's well as the following tunes on both album sides. Hey, they're split now, but not our memories of all of them/great music pre-divorce :)

Breathe-pink Floyd | Reviewer: Astrid H
    ------ About the song Breathe performed by Pink Floyd

I think these guys are legends. They make their lyrics so clear and light, but at the same time so deep... Also you can't describe how genius their music is! I think everyone nagging about Roger Waters' voice should simply listen to the lyrics and think. Learn something in your life and I'm not talking about learning how to break down Waters' voice, but about real philosophy... I'm 15, but I already know all Pink Floyd's songs are masterpieces and everyone in this world can learn something just listening to these songs! These guys need to earn more respect!

Humble, yet wonderful | Reviewer: Greedav
    ------ About the song Remember a day performed by Pink Floyd

I enjoy all Pink Floyd, but Wright's writing intrigues me because of the contrast it has with Waters/Gilmour lyrics. Waters and Gilmour were all about grand themes and noble tales, which is a major part of what makes Pink Floyd so magical. However, Rick Wright's songwriting is so down-to-earth and humble that it possesses a magic of its own, a magic not usually associated with Pink Floyd. For example, these lyrics here. They are not about isolation from humanity, they are not about the meaning of life or the futility of war. They are about sweet memories from childhood, playing with the girl next door and climbing apple trees. It is absolutely wonderful to see this completely different side to Pink Floyd, and it is a shame that Wright is so overshadowed by his two larger-than-life colleagues.

High hopes | Reviewer: Dineo Changula
    ------ About the song High Hopes performed by Pink Floyd

When I listen to the song, I still wonder what happened between when i realised that I'm grown to now! Those years were so empty no green grass at all. I wish i could go back.

Brilliant | Reviewer: Rsa
    ------ About the song Echoes performed by Pink Floyd

Thats what this song really is brilliant, it got a weird and unusual sound and guitar playing, specially in the end of part one and part two.
What a special band Pink Floyd, what a big loss to rock music that they aren't still playing, there egos maybe the reason they are not together, maybe thats the reason why their music is so unique, every one of them is just so brilliant that they can't work with each other any more.

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