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Release Date: 08/05/1967
Tracks in The piper at the gates of dawn: Astronomy Domine, Lucifer Sam, Matilda Mother, Flaming, Pow R. Toc H., Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk, Interstellar Overdrive, The Gnome, Chapter 24, The Scarecrow, Bike

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the piper at the gates of dawn | Reviewer: Adrian Garcia | 7/11/13

The one and only "sid mthr fknbarrett" and to all of wondering y Sid wuz submitted to a insane asylum it wuz bcuz he took some acid (that the u.s. government invented ,made or whtevr) and never came out of his acid trip

God's Music | Reviewer: greg scott | 2/11/11

There is no better album ever.The lyrics, music & especially Syd's quintessential english voice Make this an album that stands the test of time.
There has never been anyone like Syd Barrett & when he left Pink Floyd he took his humor, madness & talent with him. I could listen to this album forever. I just wish Syd didn't have to go through what he did to get this. But after you write a record like this, what else is there?
What do you do next. "Brilliant" is what he was, God bless him!!

so you want to know which one is pink | Reviewer: m. j. zaragumma | 3/10/06

syd barrett is pink, full stop. this is to me the most beautifully written and performed rock album, both in terms of its words and music. although one is entitled to an opinion, to compare its lyrics to the search for WsMD in Iraq is simply stupid. barrett's words are poetic and beautiful, and not unlike most poems, they don't seem to make much sense at first, but a careful reading into them with an open mind is certainly rewarding. they're painful, nightmarish, nostalgic, innocent, child-like, profound and sad (just to name a few). the powerful music then perfectly carries the words. nowhere can you find this perfect match of words and music in pop music, and it's an amazing journey and sometimes overwhelming experience listening to this album. and yes, no wonder he ended up in a lunatic bin, it's definitely not easy to cope with such powerful feelings.

One of the weirdest...and best | Reviewer: Voness | 10/30/05

The first Pink Floyd album is an absolute ripper musically. Lyrically it makes about as much as sense as searching for non existent WsMD in Iraq but who cares?? If you want to find out what drugs can do to you, buy this album! You will see why Syd Barrett ended up in a looney bin.

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