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Most of it was alright, but there were a few minor changes needed

FORMED: 1965, London, England

David Jon Gilmour
United Kingdom

Born March 6, 1946

Has 7 children....Sara, Clare, Alice and Matthew by Ginger, Joe, Romany, and Gabriel by Polly, and Charlie who is Polly's son by a first marriage.

In contrast to Roger, Dave was reared by permissive and easygoing parents. At 13, he was given a Spanish guitar by a neighbor and so the journey began. Dave's greatest musical asset is his sense of feel and timing, according to one former member of Jokers Wild, and to some present day fans, we would have to say that his talents reach beyond that to include a marriage of heart to guitar and tender concern for humanity.

When Dave was a young teenager, his father's profession drew him overseas, to the U.S., leaving Dave to independently fend for himself....playing U.S. military bases with Jokers Wild, and working odd jobs, including his famous stint as a male model. All of this helped to instill in Dave, his underlying grit and a single-minded determination to succeed on his own terms...that was to resurface during the Floydian 'wars' much later....and it was to carry him through in the future, to the ringing of a Division Bell and beyond.

Dave enjoys flying, among other interests, and his collection consists of vintage aircraft that he has shown, and flown, at various airshows. His first love, however, is still his music.

Nicholas Berkeley Mason
United Kingdom

Born January 27, 1944

Nick has 4 children, Holly and Chloe with Lynette, and Guy and Carey with Annette, and is presently married to Annette.

Nick was born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth. He accompanied his father to Vintage Sports Car Club events at an early age, and later inherited and developed his passion for racing and collecting vintage automobiles. At the Frensham Heights boarding school, it is said Nick is still remembered as a world class mischief maker.

Today, Nick races Ferrari's, Bugatti's, and Maserati's, among others that he also races and owns for his own enjoyment.

Richard William Wright
United Kingdom

Born July 28, 1943

Rick has 3 children, Gala, Jamie, and a young son Benjamin, by former marriage. He was married thrice, first to Juliette, then Franka and finally Mildred.

For Rick as a young man, he was at a loss for a career to pursue at the prep school he attended, until someone suggested architecture. The Regent Street Poly is where he met Nick and Roger. Rick didn't want to be an architect however, he wanted to be a musician... the rest is history. Rick came back to life, so to speak, with TDB... he co-wrote WTIO with Anthony Moore, and co-wrote Cluster One, WDYWFM, Marooned and KT with Dave.

One of Rick's favorite things to do was get away on his 65-foot sailing yacht whenever he had the opportunity.

George Roger Waters
United Kingdom

Born September 6, 1943

Roger has 3 children, Harry and India with Carolyne and Jack with Priscilla, has been married to Jude and is currently married to Laurie. Roger's father was killed in action at Anzio, only a few months after he was born. As a young teen, Roger's pursuits included playing with toy guns (& shooting real ones), and staying up at night listening to his radio tuned to Armed Forces Network or Radio Luxembourg.

He did not like apprenticeship as a naval cadet, quit, and was given a dishonorable discharge. He instead became chairman of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament's local youth chapter.

Roger's life from the beginning, and still is, a conscious and unconscious mourning for the father he never knew, and hatred of the hierarchy of circumstances that robbed him of his father.

While Roger's lyrical 'brilliance' of the past cannot be denied, his inability to come to terms with his grief and hatred eventually wore out its welcome with the majority of his fans. Roger quit Pink Floyd in the mid 1980's.

Roger Keith Barrett
United Kingdom

Born January 6, 1946

Syd had a normal childhood and loving parents. He was a popular and successful student, and his passions ranged from camping and sports to drama and painting. He was once a Boy Scout patrol leader.

Dr. Barrett encouraged Syd's musical interest with the gift of a banjo, and later, a guitar. Dr. Barrett died when Syd was just 14. It's been proposed that this trauma was the first 'catalyst' in Syd's eventual dementia.

Syd and Dave were friends at a very early age, and while attending school, they would hang out together, teaching each other guitar....Dave was the better guitarist, and Syd's talent lay in words and lyrics...they would flow from him easily, according to Dave.

The founding member of the band that so many today admire and respect, lived his final years after leaving the band in seclusion and in ill health....a once brilliant mind destroyed by drugs. Syd is a legacy and a lesson for all.

Thanks to Ozzie Wright-Rabin for submitting the biography.

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pink floyd is best | Reviewer: pedro ramos | 8/14/13

am a filipino, fond of good, great music say like pink floyd, i like them coz ( my own opinion ) they are intelegent making music, by musical instruments, i heard animals, works, as i remembered the first pieces i heard, and it amazed me, hearing them making sounds, good sounds or music out of their instruments, i admired them, i will be 60 still i want to hear their music esp. wish you were hear, all of the final cut, comfortably numb, a brick in the wall, i want to hear when am alone "mother"...nick mason-so cool heating the drums,david gilmore- he can makes the guitar to sing,richard wright-he's good in organ, i like him in wish you were here with david gilmore, roger waters- his good in bass...i like all your lyrics...long live you "pink floyd"...

Love Pink Floyd | Reviewer: Ali Rando | 4/15/13

Roger Waters is absoulutly awesome. Just great. But yet i dont understand what the big deal with David is really. He is awesome to but he isnt cute or hot. Richard has a great voice he is extrordanary awesome.

carpathian | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/12


pure and easy | Reviewer: teresa | 4/14/12

for me, the most enjoyable, best example of the epitomy of the teen aged mind . male and female . ..the need to be loved . . resenting that love for the control it gives the ones you need love from. i have adored every member of the band since .1967(6). I am registered Whooligan, i wear my teeshirts often. i am 56, born in the Southern USA, and have a husband and two teen boys. My faith suggests I inform you of your magic. So, there. Floyd blows my mind everytime. Most sincerely, Teresa from Alabama.

haha Charade u are! | Reviewer: Peyman | 12/10/11

for me this biography has got new things that i' had never heard!
At all,PF is a great band ever! they can not be compared to any other bands even in their own genre!
What they did in 70's was a revolutionary job!
And finally dave rang the division bell and called it a day!
Pink Floyd still rocks not only in my fathers head!
DAVE-ROGER-RICK-NICK and the master of all SYD are revolutions of ROCK music! nobody can deny! nobody can ignore this fact!
it's not that i love them but I ADORE THEM

ru4 revolution | Reviewer: jerry v | 3/29/11

seen floyd in tampa 70 something, quad sound speakers in ech end zone and on the 50 yard lines sound was unreal. ive seen alot in those years zepp,lynerd skinner,who,yes,bowie,charlie daniels,nugent,eagles ect. no other show comes close to what they have to offer. its sad now i have 5 great kids that all love music and what they have for a music beacon is shit.not like i can take them to a floyd show.theres no hope now that rick is gone.on the other hand we still have david.nick,and great demand for their music.if we could only go back in time and do it all again and one more thing SIGMA drop trot and run a head

i dont know | Reviewer: no ones gonna care | 1/6/11

i just had one thing to say ummm if people dont like this band or this website then why are they even writing anything on here?!? you dont like them that much that you acctually searched this website and took the time to read their biography and what their fans had to say about them?!? Wow ill just say this you surely have alot of time on your hands or just no life at all! Thats all I wanted to say :)))

you could only wish. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/10

these bloakes became famouse from there talent & passion for music. The amount of material & the liniage speaks for itself. Music & Lyrics with such deep meaning obviously threaten some people. I myself dont understand Rap music. White rappers? I dont condem anybodys choice in music. Men without hats,Haircut 100,parachute club,for e.g.I dont recall feeling any emotion from these bands. Its hard to dance to the Floyd. to effin bad.

Is this a joke? | Reviewer: Herbarian Delusions of grandure | 11/9/10

This site cant even get the song names right, and theres some songs pink floyd didnt even make in the list. AND YOUR ATTEMPTING A BIOGRAPHY ON THEM? Save your analytic summaries for Brittney spears and her problems.

Oh and "sigma 1" piss off, no one cares.

PF in system | Reviewer: Tahir Qureshi | 10/27/10

For me, it is only the band that is foremost and less of the personal lives of the members, Bob Klose included. It is not without reason PF are a pioneer in psychedelic stuff. Let the music play and enjoy !

these things always make me laugh lol | Reviewer: does it matter what my name is? | 10/8/10

have you ever noticed how all these reviews say pretty much the same things.. first of all you have the people who just want to say how much they love pink floyd, which is fine with me, i mean i do too but this is supposed to be a review of this site not the band.. next you have the people who talk about how much they hate the band or the site which to be honest kinda pisses me off, sure this site isn't perfect but is total negativity going to help the situation? and what is accomplished by saying how much the band sucks, honestly nobody really cares. you can have your opinion and i can't make you see what us floyd fans do but atleast have the descency to shut your mouth and let us enjoy the music we want to listen to... but what really makes me laugh is how people always get in arguments about it, no-one is actually willing to change their opinion anyway so the arguments get more and more heated until they become nothing more than an exchange of insults, especially when it comes to spelling as if the individuals ability to spell words correctly is some indication of their lack of inteligence! and i'm sure some asshole is going to find some grammatical error somewhere in this paragraph and try to insult me for it, go right ahead it doesn't bother me any. but anyway i liked the site and i love the band so fuck off!

meamers | Reviewer: los meamers | 3/17/09

i also like candy and misadventures of flapjack and my name is cap'n knuckles and i am flapjacks uncle and we live in a whale. my knuckles are made out of wood and if you mess with me ill give you a 1 2 buckle my shoe

Recognize Genius | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/08

All you quithy little quarallers!!! Your so wrapped up in your self-centered eagerness to disect,define and mentally diagnose Pink Floyd that you miss the entire point of the existance of pure Genius, label them what you will, but the truth is they were bold enough to musically explain the disparety that many of us can relate too...Wars begin in the heart'. GET OVER YOURSELVES...Their music is timeless, pure & classic...

Syd | Reviewer: Tee | 6/29/08

Syd didn't have dementia, nor was he an "Acid Casualty." Most probably he suffered from Hebephrenic Schizophrenia, a form of the illness whose symptoms often mimic other mental illnesses and is therefore rarely diagnosed correctly. Truly, the biggest loss from schizophrenia is the loss of the person's personality. That person no longer exists. Fans, friends and family alike all lost a great songwriter and musician.

biography | Reviewer: Joe | 1/6/08

Why does everyone have to complain about the biography? This isn't a place to rant about how Roger Waters is still popular, or that the grammar is incorrect. This section is about giving the biographer some more details on the history of PINK FLOYD. So stop ranting!

Syd Barret died sometime in 2006.

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