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At 5'3 with blue eyes, flamingo pink hair and an extreme personality to match Pink was born on September 8th 1979 under the normal name of Alecia Moore. An R&B artist from the notorious LaFace Record label (home to ToniBraxton and TLC) her influences include Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Eminem and her father. Although, as an adolescent her style jumped from one extreme to another e.g. skateboarder to rave child to hip-hopper. This probably explains her self-confidence and rebellious nature, she has seen a lot and done a lot and this is reflected in her music.

"I decided at 15 that I didn't want to be one of those artists that gets up and sings love songs they don't mean," Pink explains in regards to her debut album. "I decided that I was going to be me to the fullest extent, that my songs were going to reflect relationships I've had, things I've been through, and even the stuff I'm embarrassed about."

Music was a major part of her childhood, her father left an indelible print on her through his guitar lessons, educating her in the likes of Dylan and McLean. Other inspirations included Janis Joplin, Shirley Murdock and Donna Hathaway, so much so that by 14 Pink had laid down her first song. However, it was in the clubs (in particular Club Fever in Philidelphia) that she began to shine. It was at her regular Friday night five minute slot that a rep from MCA spotted and asked Pink to audition for Basic Instinct, although the group didn't come to much Pink wasn't disappointed as she confessed that she didn't 'see myself as belonging to any group.'

This was only a temporary setback as almost immediately she was signed to another female group known as Choice whose demo led to them being signed to LaFace. The group disbanded due to differing choices in music styles but Pink's place with LaFace solidified thanks to her rediscovery of her writing talent while with Choice in Atlanta. Hooking up with Daryl Simmons to write the bridge for 'Just to be Loving You' confirmed her abilities. This was the beginning of Pink's career in her eyes. However, the emergence of her powerful Soprano voice whilst recording 'Just to be Loving You' no doubt contributed to her notoritity within LaFace.

Pink's songs are written to compliment and display her vocal range and her love of the pop side of R&B. L.A. Reid signed Pink as a solo artist when she approached him with her songs. Each song was greeted with the same response, 'yeah, I like that one, yeah that's a single'. Reid's obvious admiration and appreciation of Pink's talents led to her collaborating with various well known writing partners such as She'kspeare, Babyface and 112.

'There U Go', the debut single which displays the wide range of her voice, (which is also visible in her favourite track of the album 'Split Personality') is impossible to resist, becoming a top ten hit in early 2000. In the accompanying video, Pink rebukes her PlayStation obsessed-boyfriend (what else is new) while wearing a disapproving expression and a series of sexy outfits, alternating with a fondness for driving motorcycles through his windows, (very cool if you can manage it). Obviously supplying the tough-chick role model which the female population is in desperate need of, having been subjected to the likes of Mariah Carey and Britney Spears for far too long. The rest of her debut album, 'Can't Take Me Home' isn't nearly so good, (too much high octave love songs which never quite achieve their pitch). However, it has found acclaim among the public, reaching the Top 40 of the US's album charts.

It will be interesting to see what style she adopts as her place among
LaFace becomes more secure.....

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i luv u | Reviewer: Aysha | 5/8/12

im doing an assignent for my reading class.we have to do it We are the world. and the minute i saw you in the video of25 haiti im like im sooooooooooooooooooo going 2 wrtite the biogaphy on you!!!!!!! i luv u!!!!

hey iloveyou | Reviewer: i`mlovingyou<333 | 6/28/11

Pink<3 OMG:O iloveyouwithallmyheart. last year on the 16th of june i went and seen you and when you sang your last song so what you were on the sip line and half way threw and sang and i jumped up and i touched you:O i hope you enjoy having your little girl williow heart<3 it is such a lovely name with such a brillent mother i hope she liatenungs to your music and ngets u to sing:* iloveyoupinkwithallmyheart i hope yu do another tour so i will watch you again i have a pink top which is Sighned<<<3333 enjoy being a mother:***

luv ya | Reviewer: Jessica | 6/22/11

heya i know u aint gonna see this obviously but anyways ur awesome. ur kinda my inspiration. im dedicating my next cover to u by singing one of ur songs...check it out whenever people at my youtube channel! its deadlyfluff96! check it!

encouraging | Reviewer: alexis | 5/12/11

pink a lot of people have told me that you have had a very bad childhood but I dont know if thats true cuz the person you are today is having fun it seems like if you never even had a bad life cuz u are so awesome keep doing wat u want to do keep on following ur dreams and never give up all those bad things has made the person you are today

Iloveyou | Reviewer: Chelseaa | 4/22/11

OMG, pink your honestly amazing and I love you so much,I love the way you say how you feel and do sugar coat what it is you want heard,all you concerts have been amazing and I think you are abserloutly beautiful,your looks,your hair,clothes,everything about you is beautiful(I wish I could look like you!) anyway...your the best singer out! And all the Luther singers should be so jealous..I'm no singer but I'm sure jealous of you! -love you always p!nk <3 xoxo

the best there is and ever will be | Reviewer: nicole | 11/3/10

first let me start off by saying thank you.for years ive shut music out of my life ever since salt n pepa quit it destroyed me ...then one day i was watching the queen latifah show and i saw this spunky red head and i had to listen so as i was listening to ur lyrics and ur supremely most wonderful voice i was hooked u rock!!!and i aslo love the way u say what is on ur mind and dont care what anybody else says i wish i had half the guts that u have thats why i love u and emenem so much!!!!!!!!

You are a young and very street smart woman | Reviewer: Caroline | 3/26/10

Hi Pink..I love you and your music because it tells the truth in you form of art and what many of us have gone through in REAL life. Pink..You sing your words when a lot of people wouldn't even have half the gumption to say what are on there minds...most of all..The President HA HA ! I like that one. Someone had to finally say something..maybe with a bit of sarcasm in there too.

You are going to keep kick-in ass for a long time to come

Pink your absolutely awsome | Reviewer: Lexie | 3/11/10

You are, by far my number one favourite sing song writer. Babe you are the star. I'd have to say that your one song that really caught my interest to start off with is 'Stupid Girls', I totally agree with you on that. You are amazing, no other singer has ever put my life into aspect like you have. unfortunatly I missed your tour in 2010... I really want to see you live, it is a lifelong dream of mine. I love you and your music, and hope to see more of you.

Alecia (Pink) | Reviewer: Patrick | 2/21/10

I am always looking for music that reminds me of the life my son will never experience. My son died in an auto accident 9 years ago at the age of 16. His name was Devin and I am certain that had he lived, your impressionable music and your outlook on life would have positively impacted his life.

Thank you for keeping his memory alive.
Sincerely, Patrick

i luv u | Reviewer: danni xx | 2/4/10

pink i am completely in love with u i wnt to ur concert nd when u sang bohemian rhapsody i nearly cried cause that is one of my all time favourite song along wid urs. If u read this ibegging u to plz cum to The hill park workmans club in fareham hampshire englad i jknow its a stupid request but it ius my dream to meet u up close !

wasted | Reviewer: kayla | 12/28/09

pink u rock,i wish i could afford to come to 1 of ur a tomboy too.i do alot of things that u did when u was a kid (if u know what i mean)everybody says all ur songs r the best to suck up or whatever,but i tell u the truth there are some very very good ones,some less good,and a few i dont like.u are a very talented artist and i know you prob. wont see/read this but if u do.come to and preform.if i could see u preform or meet u i'd straighten up and try to stop the addictive things i do.u are very pretty and got ur life dream and im glad 4 dreams are already down the toilet.u sung bohemian rapsody gr8. peace love music and bye bye hun.

stoner | Reviewer: kayla | 12/28/09

pink u are a very tananted person.i do alot of things that u did when u was a kid.(if u know what i mean)alot of people just tell u all ur songs are so gr8 when they probably havn,t herd them all,but me for 1 i giv my opinion to anyone reguardless what it is or who they have alot of very very good songs,some less good,some but few that i dont like at all.all ur dreams that u have had sence u was a kid have came true and u more than deserve it.i would luv to come to on of yur shows or meet u,but i cant afford it and i can honestly say if i could meet u i would stop doing the adictive things i do.
love peace music/bye bye pink
p.s.if you could hav a concert in knoxville tn.and i doubt u will ever see/read this,but hopefully u will.

u rock | Reviewer: Nikole | 10/28/09

omg i love all your songs u r the best all my friends r fans aswell. my friends mum went to ur funhouse concert. u hav inspired me 2 sing and 2 b myself. thank u 4 that. u r an insparation 2 many many people. u should get an award 4 that :]

pink is awesome!!!!! | Reviewer: Chloe | 10/16/09

just the other day on the 15/10/09 I went to pink's latest concert in the O2 in ireland it was the best concert ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people threw up sheese and clothes at her and she looked so grateful!!!!!! and near the end of the concert a trap door opened while she was hangin from the sky , she went into the yrapdoor and came back out soakin wet!!!!!!!!!!I love you pink keep on rockin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P!nk is amazing! | Reviewer: Shelby Williams | 10/11/09

ok, before i went to her concert a month ago, i never really cared much for her. The radio only played a few of her songgs. But after i went to her concert... WOW! Her vocals and her ability to perform blew me away! She isnt like any other performer out there, she actually does acribatics! Im not , but i can understand why so many guys go to her concert... tht woman is hott! lol. I cant wait until she makes another album so that i can be even more suprised. o and btw, funhouseis my fave song now! =)

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