Pineapple Thief Albums

  • Someone Here Is Missing Album (5/1/2010)
    Nothing at Best
    Wake Up the Dead
    The State We’re In
    Preparation for Meltdown
    Barely Breathing
    Show a Little Love
    Someone Here Is Missing
    3000 Days
    So We Row

  • Tightly Unwound Album (5/19/2008)
    My Debt to You
    Shoot First
    Tightly Wound
    The Sorry State
    My Bleeding Hand
    Different World
    And So Say All of You
    Too Much to Lose

  • What We Have Sown Album (10/24/2007)
    All You Need to Know
    Well, I Think That's What You Said?
    Take Me With You
    West Winds
    Deep Blue World
    What Have We Sown?

  • Little Man Album (11/27/2006)
    Dead in the Water
    God Bless the Child
    Wilting Violet
    Run a Mile
    Little Man
    Boxing Day
    God Bless the Children
    We Love You

  • 10 Stories Down Album (6/1/2005)
  • Variations on a Dream Album (8/1/2003)
  • 137 Album (8/1/2001)
  • Abducting the Unicorn Album (8/1/1999)

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