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Pinback combine ethereal pop harmonies with tranquil
rhythms and beautifully hypnotic vocals. Marrying the
stylistic expertise of 3 Mile Pilot and Thingy this band's
music is extremely touching and dreamy.

In January of 1998, San Diego¹s Pinback was formed as a
part-time recording project by Armistead Burwell Smith IV
("Zach") and Robert Rulon Crow Junior. While 3 Mile Pilot,
Zach's previous band, had just fell into a long hiatus and
Rob was able to utilize some down time in his perpetually
busy musical schedule, Pinback was allowed More...

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Review about Pinback songs
Great new song by a great Band......... PINBACK!!!! | Reviewer: Richard Hooper
    ------ About the song Proceed to Memory performed by Pinback

A great new song from the up coming Pinback Album "Information Retrieved pt. B". This song is just a sample of what Pinback has been creating for almost 15 years! I love their very unique style, and the fact that they are still more concerned with the quality over quantity!! One of my favorite bands!!!

im writing a poem analysis | Reviewer: reyna_rawr
    ------ About the song Penelope performed by Pinback

so im writing a poem analysis and i was thinking about writing my paper on this song, i believe this song is very fascinating. besides the fact that i love pinback ever since i heard this song it became my fav song of all time, but anyways if anyone could help me i did appreciate it a lot. i enjoy poems and music such as this if someone had the time to help me with this please it would mean a lot to me, btw i just read the mythology story of odysseus and how he went to fight troy and left penelope in Ithaca, struggling for 20 yrs to return to her and everything. i loved the story and the song just makes it lovely-er. well if anybody could help me with this just email me at thank you :]

Aether | Reviewer: Matattack
    ------ About the song Penelope performed by Pinback

This song floats you in the aether. I get the same feeling from this song that got when I first heard Vapour Trail by Ride and Deluxe by Lush.
I really like the post from "Mythology". I think when you put your own interpretation on the lyrics it give you a deeper connection to the music. Its definitely not wrong.

Such interesting lyrics | Reviewer: tim
    ------ About the song Manchuria performed by Pinback

the first paragraph, love the way the voice sounds along with those lyrics, they fit in with each other.
They sent us into their machine
But that plane crashed into the sea
We float alone above the waves
Within a waterproof capsule

can anyone describe what they mean by this?

Ambiguous? | Reviewer: Brian
    ------ About the song Soaked performed by Pinback

I fail to see how lyrics can be ambiguous... the writer obviously knows what they mean to him/her, and that is why they wrote it. Thus a purpose, a meaning. The reader has the ability to interpret them any way they want to, but that doesn't change what they mean to the writer. This, to me, is the beauty of poetry, and the reason it thrives. Anyone who intends to interpret someone lyrics from a universal viewpoint loses any and all personal meaning they could have extracted from the lyrics. Try to think about things from your own perspective, rather than generalizing, and you will get much more meaning from music.

off by 50 | Reviewer: gina
    ------ About the song Off By 50 performed by Pinback

I believe this song to be haunting and straight from the soul of Rob Crow. Every musical project that he touches is golden. Pinback is an amazing band from California. I've seen them live 2x and I hope to add many more to tally. Off by 50 is very powerful and full of heart. I suggest that you check out the entire album and all of Pinback's catalog. I insist that you listen to some of Rob's lesser known bands!

good | Reviewer: zack
    ------ About the song Non-Photo Blue performed by Pinback

one day i was at my park down the street i saw a backpack i took it home opened it and it had a pinback cd this is how i discovered them. but man this song reminds me so much of my first love and only so far this song reminds me of the way i had to accept the pain of her not getting with me and bein with some other guy haha love wow thats another ball game it usualy never goes away once you have it fer someone btw my bad tellin my life and shit. GOOD SONG

Tied Up | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Penelope performed by Pinback

One of my favorite songs by Pinback. Just a note though, there is an error in these lyrics. The line "its a travesty" is incorrect. The line is "Is it Dropsy?". Dropsy is a common goldfish disease which causes the fishes to bloat up to the point where their scales stick out. Not only am I a huge Rob Crow fan, but I also worked in an aquarium store for 5 years. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. :)

amazing song. | Reviewer: Tarae
    ------ About the song Penelope performed by Pinback

i really like this song. but i didn't know that it was about his goldfish witch makes it cuter. yeah i love this song. i always listen to it, ecpecially in boring computer teach yeah? peace and loveee.

gold fish | Reviewer: ROB
    ------ About the song Penelope performed by Pinback

its not about a girl on life support! its about his gold fish! his gold fish died when someone dropped pizza in the fish bowl. you people are too damn deep. have you ever heard of a girl with red scales? i think not.

"Don’t wanna see you floating upside down
On the top of the bowl when I
Come round to visit you
Don’t wanna see you floating upside down"

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