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Make no mistake about it, Pillar is not the rock 'n' roll
of yesterday, but the forward moving revolution of today
and tomorrow. Their zealous passion incinerates today's
gimmicky knockoffs, leaving pretenders in a dust storm of
reckless rock upheaval. The group's previous album, 2002's
Fireproof, couldn't be held back, selling over 300,000
copies with unyielding momentum. Ready to roll into
overdrive, Pillar returns with Where Do We Go From Here, a
career album that meets the challenges of a band ready for

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Review about Pillar songs
Thank You For Your Service, Rob And Everyone Else | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Frontline performed by Pillar

Taken directly from their bio:
"Beckley, whose father is currently stationed in the Middle East through 2005, even tackles warfare in the militant "Frontline." A former army man himself, Beckley actually started Pillar not long after finishing his own term of service."

Also, I'd like to thank everyone else who has served in the military as you know what its like to be on the "Frontlines."
However, given that this is a Christian band, I find it hard for anyone to understand that Rob Beckley is not talking about Spiritual warfare. Honestly, it couldn't be any clearer.

Such A Respectable Thing To Do | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Turn It Up performed by Pillar

Way to go, Pillar for the creativity of going about making a full song dedicated to intricately post song titles of bands in the verses themselves. It took me probably a good two months before I realized my "aha moment" but it hit me and now all I'm saying is wow!

Please Review Here | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Not Without A Fight performed by Pillar

I see there is a duplicate song on this website. This is the correct spot as this one has the right song title.
For me, I love this song and how it drives me further in the fight of my faith no matter how bloodied my heart gets in life.

Great Motivational Song | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Bring Me Down performed by Pillar

Pillar can put out a ton of awesome motivational songs, but this one kinda takes the cake in the verses as its just plain real talk about how lazy we can be as Christians before and after we're saved. So keep on keeping on, my fellow Christian brothers and sisters until that day He takes us home.

Awesome Motivational Song For Christians | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Echelon performed by Pillar

I love how this song starts off with the low rhythmic guitar line that it does. However, the lyrics pound my heart to keep moving despite the hard times that try to keep Christians down. Press on!

The USMC | Reviewer: Devil Dog
    ------ About the song Frontline performed by Pillar

I know people say this is a Christian Sog because of the first line but the Marines have a saying, "Though I walk through te shadow of the alley of death I hall fear no evil because I am the baddest motherfucker in the god damn valley." that's what I first though of when I heard this song. Before I knew this was a Christian band I actualy thought this song was written for the Corps. "We've got to lead the way" The Marines pride themselves on being the first to go into battle. "We live our lives on te frontline. We're not afraid of the fast times" In the invasion of Iraq there were Marine units who would speed through towns with little armor and lots of guns. If people shot back then the military knew it was a hostile town. Marines are ALWAYS on the frontlines. "Pick up and follow me were the only ones to fight this thing until its done." Marines are few and proud and never quit. I'm Roman Catholic and I still don't really see the Christian imagery and I don't really agree with everyone saying we are In a holy war. The only ones in a holy war is the enemy, Islamic fanatics who embrace death.

Love | Reviewer: Wong
    ------ About the song Will You Be There performed by Pillar

It's clearly a love song of sorts. Just because the band is a Christian Rock band doesn't mean it has to be about Jesus...
My own personal interpretation is that it's a love song. It's about two people who are about to be separated and the hurt that comes with it. It's about a love that didn't have enough time to run its full course. He cannot look to the future for as long as he dwells in the past; all that time he had wasted. And who can blame him? With such little time, it's hard to plot a course and rather you would prefer to immerse yourself in the memories of the good times.

Review about Will You Be There | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Will You Be There performed by Pillar

Sounds more to me like a song directed at a broken relationship between a couple....."So much that I never knew I couldn't bring it out of you
Caught up in the history, it won't let you go.." The writer was unaware of the other persons history and its causing the two to move further apart.

random | Reviewer: none
    ------ About the song Frontline performed by Pillar

Ok first this song is sweet.(of course) then i noticed alot of people commented on themselfs and wondered why when your supposed to comment on the song (review comment same thing :) ) oh and is the ring tone free?

ECCH! | Reviewer: O&A Virus
    ------ About the song Fireproof performed by Pillar

O: You know what this song needs? Lyrics about pussy.

A: You aren't going to Heaven playing this.
J: Yeah you're not going to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame either.

J: Christians, stay out of rock. I'm not saying you're bad people, but in the fun department, you rate right below rectal itch.

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