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The Cure Pictures of You Lyrics

Last updated: 09/09/2012 01:03:54 PM

I've been looking so long at these pictures of you
And I almost believe that they're real
I've been living so long with my pictures of you
That I almost believe that the pictures are
All I can feel

Remembering you
Standing quiet in the rain
As I ran to your heart to be near
And we kissed as the sky fell in
Holding you close
How I always held close in your fear
Remembering you
Running soft through the night
You were bigger and brighter and whiter than snow
And screamed at the make-believe
Screamed at the sky
And you finally found all your courage
To let it all go

You falling into my arms
Crying for the death of your heart
You were stone white
So delicate
Lost in the cold
You were always so lost in the dark
Remembering you
How you used to be
Slow drowned
You were angels
So much more than everything
Hold for the last time then slip away quietly
Open my eyes
But I never see anything

If only I'd thought of the right words
I could have held on to your heart
If only I'd thought of the right words
I wouldn't be breaking apart
All my pictures of you

Looking so long at these pictures of you
But I never hold on to your heart
Looking so long for the words to be true
But always just breaking apart
My pictures of you

There was nothing in the world
That I ever wanted more
Than to feel you deep in my heart
There was nothing in the world
That I ever wanted more
Than to never feel the breaking apart
All my pictures of you

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Never Loved Before Her | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/12

Pulling her out of the car in the morning and seeing her for the 1st time in person, Kissing her in the pouring rain, and realizing I have Never loved before.
And after doing SO many stupid things without thinking, I have destroyed that pure love that we felt.
Now I fight to get her back, changing all the bad that I was, becoming the man she deserves.

THAT is what is says to me... going over the past 4 years of my life with her.

deeply meaningful; enduring | Reviewer: amw | 5/14/12

I start out thinking about an early ex and end up with thoughts of a very dear friend who committed suicide--she was too fragile for this world. There's the formerly unspoken thought that if only I or someone had said or did the right words/thing we could have saved her and helped her get the help she needed. This song cuts deep into my heart even more so than it did when I first heard (and loved) it as a teen when it was first released many years ago.

my impression of the song | Reviewer: l | 2/28/12

The song seems to show someone who had a great intense love for someone but never realsied how they had possibly acted behved. this song also has subtle referrnces to mental illness or the dependancy they had for ech other.
a song that really struck a chord with me :/

Son of a Gun | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/11

this song really sucks. the lyrics are as deep as a childish mathafacka...this song is slow and i almost fell asleep listening to it. dude, get your asses up and rock the house instead of falling asleep while caressing your guitar....

Blah Pictures of You. | Reviewer: Rue Nymphetamine. | 1/8/11

I'm quite sure this is about a love he had for a brief period of time before she left him. He seems to regret having not said the right things and is slowly falling apart mentally because he misses her so much. :(

Melancholic | Reviewer: Tony | 10/16/10

I never understood the feelings behind this song, until I found my twin soul.

The brief moments together followed by sad separation brings the same feelings of sadness and helplessness and never being able to be allways together.

It looks as if the writer of this song has had the same experience.

Memories | Reviewer: Heather | 8/16/10

I love this song, even after all these years. Reminds me of my ex. I know, bad thing. But the relationship ended because of his mental problems caused by an extended illness. For a while I wanted him back, until I realized that our time had come and passed. I have found the true love, and he refuses to get the help necessary to heal. I remember all the pictures of him and me still. But know that in the future, I will have numerous pictures of me and my forever love. :)

self meaning | Reviewer: ken | 4/11/10

Every time i hear this song i just freeze. I stop and visions from my past just flash before my eyes. They are of all the good times and good friends that I have had and lost due to distance and time apart. I can listen to this song and take a trip into my past. It's a good thing.

Impressive | Reviewer: Chad | 12/30/09

A different beat and style from "Friday I'm In Love" but certainly a poetic and beautiful song.
This song has a way of catching you with the riffs and melodies. Combine that with the lyrics, especially at the end, and The Cure have another masterpiece.

this song | Reviewer: josh | 6/12/07

is the most beautiful song i have ever listened to, i love the cure.. they are my all time favorites.