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The Who Pictures of Lily Lyrics

Last updated: 01/07/2014 05:49:51 AM

I used to wake up in the morning
I used to feel so bad
I got so sick of having sleepless nights
I went and told my dad

He said, "Son now here's some little something"
And stuck them on my wall
And now my nights ain't quite so lonely
In fact I, I don't feel bad at all

Pictures of Lily made my life so wonderful
Pictures of Lily helped me sleep at night
Pitcures of Lily solved my childhood problems
Pictures of Lily helped me feel alright

Pictures of Lily
Lily, oh Lily
Lily, oh Lily
Pictures of Lily

And then one day things weren't quite so fine
I fell in love with Lily
I asked my dad where Lily I could find
He said, "Son, now don't be silly"

"She's been dead since 1929"
Oh, how I cried that night
If only I'd been born in Lily's time
It would have been alright

Pictures of Lily made my life so wonderful
Pictures of Lily helped me sleep at night

For me and Lily are together in my dreams
And I ask you, "Hey mister, have you ever seen"
"Pictures of Lily?"

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Ghost of days gone by | Reviewer: Ralf 130856 | 1/7/14

As a young boy, born in 1956, Germany/Gelsenkirchen, i've heard this song in the sixties. It washed away all the boring waste of music
that we could find on the radio at this time.
So i found "my Lily" and she was the reason for many wonderful nights for a little boy on the way to be a man.
And i never will miss this time of experience and joy.
Many thank's for my Heroes, the WHO😉

Lily Langtry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/13

A FYI for whose of you who don't know, Lily was a very real and very famous person. Lily Langtry died in1929 at the age of 75. An American who moved to Britain she was renowned for her great beauty, She was the mistress of two princes and an Earl as well as a famous actress.

er | Reviewer: Bellboy | 7/24/13

Great song obviously. Also, the lyrics are pretty obvious too, so don't really understand the need to explain them made by other commenters here....? If you don't get them fairly quickly, you probably ain't gonna understand the cheeky naffness that is the hallmark of British rock n roll as opposed to the American version.

The Who | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/13

I've heard this song many, many times and the lyrics just sank in
yesterday, so I had to read them for myself to make sure I was hearing correctly!! Yep, good laugh at this one. The Who is one of my all time favorite bands, their songs don't compare musically or lyrically to any other band.

My childhood problem | Reviewer: Lani | 3/5/13

"Pictures of Lily" hit me like a bolt from the blue the first time I heard it as a very young girl. I didn't know why I loved it, I just knew it made me feel something visceral even at my tender age, something that the Beatles, even the Stones couldn't make me feel. A thousand listens later every note still thrills me. If you love The 'Oo, you owe it to yourself to watch them do "Listening To You" at Woodstock. A pivotal moment in rock history. Daltrey solves my childhood problem EVERY time;)

Lovely Lily | Reviewer: Rose | 1/10/13

My mum and I always have a giggle at these lyrics, seeing as we both know what they really mean. I love Pete's clever and humorous lyrics about a masturbating boy who is given pictures of a model to bring him relief of his problems, falls in love with her and then learns that she has been long dead. I can just imagine them chuckling over the lyrics as they sing it. I loved John's input with his french horn and as always, Keith's drumming never ceases to amaze me! A very well done song with funny lyrics and a good beat. The Who will always be my favourite band and I, like the boy in the song, wish I'd lived in their time.

fun! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/09

One of the many cleverly funny lyrics by Pete - this one is about the relief of masturbation to help 'solve my childhood problems', only to be replaced by another problem - falling in love with Lily who's been 'dead since 1929'. Musically it's one little gem too, with great contributions by John (not only bass, but also French horn!) and Keith (the signature drumming style clearly begins to be heard here)