Phora Albums

  • Sincerely Yours Album (5/13/2014)
    Sincerely Yours
    Forgive Me Mother
    Tell Me
    A Lil Liquor
    Stick 'em Up
    The Root Of All Evil
    No Other Way
    As Time Goes By
    Make You Feel
    My Story

  • One Life To Live Album (7/1/2013)
    What It's Like
    No Matter What
    The Old Days
    Tears Of An Angel
    The Breeze
    Make Some Way
    Nothing Like
    The White Owl

  • Still A Kid Album (11/18/2012)
    Still a Kid
    Living Proof
    Fuck You
    Written Words
    To Each Is Own
    Small Circle
    A Letter to Her
    Breathing Room
    Before It's over (Thank You)
    Gotta Move On
    If I Gave You My Heart
    A Song for Her
    Sunny California
    Kid on the Block
    Just Another Day
    When the Sun Goes Down
    Day by Day

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    Only you | Reviewer: Only you
        ------ About the album One Life To Live performed by Phora

    Hi Sam,
    Do not go there all the way home or the po will send you a message tonight to get you ready for your flame in the day time.
    Sit and read instead with me or you will be so sorry for your venture to the test place with me.
    Sorry for you time,

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