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Phoebe Snow's last release, I Can't Complain on House Of
Blues Music, was the platinum recording artist's first
studio album in eight years. Since the release of her
self-titled landmark debut in 1974, Snow has remained one
of the most distinctive voices in popular music.

On I Can't Complain Phoebe showcases the diverse musical
influences which have shaped her into the remarkable artist
she has become today. Snow pays homage to her favorite
singer/songwriters of the past four decades; Joni Mitchell,
Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Jackie More...

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a romantic pop masterpiece | Reviewer: songlover
    ------ About the song Poetry Man performed by Phoebe Snow

Probably her best song. A good radical cover for this song is hard to concieve. The song has a musical value called "inevitability", wherein every right note is in every right place at every right time. Isaac Hayes, for instance, was a highly talented cover artist able to redefine /re-interpret songs by other artists. Some songs, however, escape redefineability because they present their case so well the first time. "Poertry Man" seems to be one of those songs. All the information needed to 'justify' the song as genuine is already supplied in the original work. Her vocal inflections are an important part of the impact of the music along with the well-written lyrics she sings. This song is a powerful example of how vocals, words and music can be gracefully blended to create a fulfilling song event from what some might consider to be a slightly risque theme.

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