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With a fan base that almost parallels the Grateful Dead's
following in size and fervor, and a penchant for extended
jams and spacey segues, comparisons between Phish and that
legendary group are as pervasive as buckshot 10 yards out
of the barrel. But like buckshot, these comparisons spread
too thin, too quickly and often fall short of their mark.
Phish is its own animal.

While the band is well-known for such tangibles as epic
three-hour shows, zany lyrics and onstage antics (vacuum
cleaners, chess games and gigantic hot dogs, to More...

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Review about Phish songs
come unglued | Reviewer: cosmic charlie
    ------ About the song Limb By Limb performed by Phish

i always thought it was come unglued from end to end, and learn to reform. i love this band. deer creek '12 was the medicine i needed to go back to my boring life and realize its ok.

Yes & No | Reviewer: Sierra
    ------ About the song Farmhouse performed by Phish

I think that this is a great song, but it doesnt show the spaces inbetween where there's the guitar solo, also I think there should be a spot where you could pull up a video from youtube or where-ever with the instrumentals... But other than thata, this has all the right words...

Thanks :D

life's mantra | Reviewer: chesley goodstein
    ------ About the song Lizards performed by Phish

brilliant. the trick is most definitely to surrender to the flow. if everyone could see into these lyrics and pragmatically implement this mantra into daily life, our Mother Earth would be in a much better position, as would humanity. xo <3

Confused about a lyric :( | Reviewer: Chuckie Insalaco
    ------ About the song Limb By Limb performed by Phish

I always thought it was "learn to reform" not "land to reform" in LBL. It just makes more sense in my mind to be that way. I understand I didn't write it nor do I claim to know the minds of the geniuses behind these words, just seems rite the other way to me for some reason. Either way, thanx for even reading how I feel about such a trivial thing :^)

Ben, you're a godd*mn genius | Reviewer: Alyssa
    ------ About the song Marijuana performed by Phish

Ben's write. Phish would never right a song so stupid. Anybody in the write mind knows that. How offensive and stupid of people to think phish would right such a song? It's just not write.

Maybe you should spell check your comments before you go around calling others stupid, Ben. =)

definitely NOT phish | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Marijuana performed by Phish

i love phish. and i don't hate this song, but it is not them. just because you download a song from some music sharing site, does not mean that the label is correct and accurate. it is brian robbins' song and he is not in phish...

Anything but Shallow | Reviewer: Barry
    ------ About the song Anything But Me performed by Phish

I don't understand why some folks try to compare the lyricists for the Grateful Dead and Phish;with critics generally crowning Hunter as infinitely better than Marshall,Trey or whichever Phish member wrote a particular song...
I love Robert Hunter,a man I concede is among the greatest few American songwriters ever...
However,a comparison between Hunter and Marshall truly is like comparing apples to oranges,lsd to ecstasy,or even my generation to the baby boomers.
Marshall has been a huge factor in my life just as Hunter has been.I feel he wrote songs just for me,exactly when I needed to hear them.Anything but Me is one of those songs.Brian and Robert is another.Free comes to mind as does Secret Smile...Marshall somehow is able to speak right to my soul at times and his ability to do so ranks him right up there with Hunter and even Dylan because,afterall,if someone can get through to a man's soul with words then he deserves the same status as others that are able to do so as well...BW

Lame! | Reviewer: Treygordon
    ------ About the song Marijuana performed by Phish

O.k. I finally heard this song on livewire and it totally sucks. This is not Phish nor is the song wonderwall which also sucks. Please delete these two as it makes this site look foolish and undermines the credability of the phan who posted the lyrics. Thanks.

NOT PHISH | Reviewer: ben
    ------ About the song Marijuana performed by Phish

This song is NOT by phish, so for all of you who are saying it is, you are completely 100% wrong. Phish would not right such a stupid song, and it is clearly not them. The closest song phish ever played to a song about marijuana is " wildwood weed" which they played ONCE in vegas 1997. Thats that.

Simply Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Anything But Me performed by Phish

The metaphors in this song are just beautiful. I love the comparison to nature and the melody fits the song perfectly. THe meaningful lyrics and instrumental talent is the reason Phish is racing towards my favorite artist

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